Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cold Hard Truth is This: The Tooth Fairy is a Lame Ass

Why can't I remember to play "tooth fairy"? Why? Seth lost a molar yesterday. He showed it to me, asked me for a baggie, and placed it carefully under his pillow. As I was tucking him in he said "I hope the tooth fairy comes tonight." Hate to break it to you sweetheart, but she might not make it. It must be the onset of old age. This is AT LEAST the 3rd tooth he has not gotten paid for. He told me one other time that he doesn't think that the tooth fairy is real. At the time, I said "she's just behind sometimes and has to come the next night". Then I go put the money under his pillow and pretend it has been there all along. Look bud, you must have just not looked had enough. Do you think he bought it? Nope. Not for a second.

This morning he says "Oh man, the tooth fairy didn't come AGAIN!"

I said (as I open my wallet to get some coins) "That's because the tooth fairy is a lame ass."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Warm Woolen Blanket and What It Means to Me

On February 24, 1985 I awoke on a Sunday morning to find an extra blanket on my bed. It was one of those Hudson's Bay Company signature blankets. It was ivory with 1 thick green strip and 1 thick red one on one end of it. I knew immediately what the significance of the blanket was. I was 13 at the time, so we were long past the time in a child's life when parents routinely tuck you in before settling in themselves. But I was not in a routine situation. That blanket was there because someone came in to check on me. The only reason someone would do that is if Mom died while I was sleeping. I saw her on Saturday afternoon and it was quite clear that she had very limited time left here with us. Her battle with cancer lost.

Here I sit 23 years later (after getting up to dry my eyes that is) thinking how much I miss her still. She was 38 years old. I remember her sitting my brother and I down in the living room one night to talk. She looked at us and said "I am so sorry this is happening". I said "Mom, it's not your fault." and it certainly wasn't. I have grown to understand what she meant after having children of my own. I look at them every day and thank god that I am healthy and well and able to be a mother to my beautiful boys. I am turning 37 on my birthday. I do not have cancer. I do, however, get my annual exams and encourage everyone else out the to do the same. It could make a difference in your life.

I have had people ask me some silly questions over the years when I say my mom had cancer like...well did she smoke? Do only smokers get cancer? Absolutely not. Don't bother me with your silly questions. Actually, she had Uterine cancer. She was on and off sick for about 3-4 years at least but had long periods where she was able to still work and stuff. She stayed at home until about a month before she passed. At that time, I went to live with family friends as was the wish of my mother. My brother went to live with our father for just a few months to finish high school and all of that. He went into university dorms, then was on his own for the most part. We have always been tight. (well, we talk much less frequently right now but hopefully I can change that)

I think about her every day. I have found that since getting separated I think of her even more because our lives took similar paths and I mourn the loss of our relationship. I have a little card box of letters that my mom's friend sent me. It is so cool to read letters that she wrote to a friend. Just get a little idea of what she was like socially. My mother is a perfect angel, see? She could do no wrong in my eyes. I believe we would have had a good relationship. I believe she would have been very involved in the lives of my children and that they would have spent a lot of time getting to know her. I believe that she would be my closest friend and biggest support. I believe that things happen for a reason.

I feel very sad today. I think I'm going back to bed for a little while.

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Boyfriend Ran Over My Foot

I heard a funny today. Why was it so funny you may ask? Because it didn't happen to me.

I went over to my friend Jenni's tonight to see her beautiful new baby boy. Midge was there and I gave her a ride home. There was some slick snow on the road as we were leaving. She told me to be careful and says "My boyfriend ran over my foot today." I'm like, what? She says "I threw his hardhat across the seat and he thought I had closed the door and started moving forward. I yelled to him when the tire was on top of my foot." I'm listening and trying to be sincere because I didn't want her to be hurt, but exploding with laughter at the same time. I said "You must have been some mad" (cause that's what we say here in NS)

I will be seeing her tomorrow morning and will have to ask her how her foot is. I hope it's ok. Just wanted to share someone"s misery for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother Scoop

I just finished watching the 5th episode of Big Brother 9. I have been waiting to form stronger feelings/opinions before posting much. As the contestants entered the house the viewers learned that there was a secret twist (well of course there is it's BB). There was one real couple (Jen and Ryan) who didn't end up together in the house, and one couple who had a relationship but were no longer together (Sharon and Jacob) who did. So here's my assessment:

couple #1--Sheila and Adam (opps, I think that's his name)

Sheila was pissed to be paired with him because she doesn't find him attractive. She is entitled to her feelings, but she was extremely vocal, so bad vibes from the start. He wasn't excited about being paired with the only cougar in the house either. He kept quiet. They seem to be working together now, only Sheila and her friend Allison made up a story...

couple #2--Ryan and Allison

Allison really likes Ryan and thinks there could be something outside the house, only he's with Jen in real life. He ends up having to tell her early into the game and she wasn't very happy. Ryan, Jen and her partner ended up telling the rest of the house before Allison could. She also made up a story with Sheila about the 2 of them being a real life lesbian couple with a child. I think that one is going to bite them both in the ass later on.

couple #3--Sharon and Jacob

They dated for like 12 years and broke up only to be paired on BB--yikes! They got voted out first, so we didn't really get to know them well. Sharon ends up...

couple #4--Josh and other hansome gay man

The other fella had a family emergency and had to leave the show. Josh was then able to choose to have either Sharon or Jacob come out of the sequester house and re-join the houseguests. He choose Sharon. I think they will work well together. They are good friends. Josh said something really awful to Amanda that may effect his game later.

couple #5--Amanda and Alex

Each of these people have lost their father. Interesting outside the house, even more intense inside with only a few people around like that. Alex is a very jealous guy...even though they haven't really hit it off romantically, he got pissed about her wearing skimpy clothes. Hello Alex, have you ever watched BB? How long have you known this woman that it's ok to express anger to her about that? Amanda is a gossip who then swears up and down she has said nothing wrong. Josh made a nasty low comment about something personal re: her father that I was shocked at as a viewer.

couple #6--Jen and Parker

Jen is really in love with Ryan. She ends up telling Parker so he won't put Ryan and his partner up for eviction. Parker is very attracted to Amanda. They hang out some also. They got voted out tonight (Jen and Parker), so there wont be any more talk about them, but I will say that I was outraged at Jen's ploys to stay in the house tonight. She actually told someone that Ryan was a racist. Yep, nice girlfriend, wha? I mean, they are going out for real! I cannot imagine saying that about my love interest. She denied saying it and she left the house with him saying he loved her, so I guess they worked it out but does she think he is never going to see the show? Hello! On air! Jen, you are not a very nice person and I think you are a big fat liar!

couple #7--Natalie and Matt

Now they are just cute together. They seem to work well as a team and I like them both and it would be fun to see them get romatically involved. We'll see what happens and if they can be a good support for one another. Things can change on a dime.

couple #8--Chelsia and James

Another team that works very well as a team. They know that the way to stay is to make the right decisions as a couple. They sometimes get mixed up in the drama, but so far not the real cause of any at all. That's how to win don't you know?

I will try to keep you more up to date on Big Brother as it happens. Man, this week is busy. I have a rally for the cancer society tomorrow night which I will post about when I have all the proper information.

Baby Mama Drama

I was at Staples this morning picking up some supplies for work when I received a call on my cellphone. It was the boyfriend and my my, was he in a panic! He had just received a call from his son's school to inform him that Tyler had not arrived today. They tried his mom at work and couldn't reach her. Then at home, but didn't have the correct number. Logically they tried the boyfriend (since it is his son) next. He tried calling her also, but got no answer.

He called me because Ty's grandmother's number is programmed into my cellphone and he wanted to see if maybe he was with her. Now, please understand that I am completely cellphone stupid. I had to carry the manual in my purse for months just so I could remember the functions after I got my upgrade. I answer it when it rings and make the occasional call out but that's all I know how to do. I had to hang up and try to figure out how to find her number, then call back twice when I couldn't figure it out. Of course, by the second time I called he was getting a upset with me as well. Now remember, I was out getting things for work so while these calls are going on. I had my arms full of calculators and markers, which I kept dropping all over the floor. Good times.

So, I finally find the number and decide to just call her myself rather than calling his work yet again, which OF COURSE sends her into a panic state because Tyler is not with her either. She was asking me all these questions about what the school said, was M at work? Why wasn't she home? Get it together, woman! I am just asking if he is there...YES or NO? I told her that they were probably just out to the store or something, don't worry I will let you know what happens.

You do know I have a high level of anxiety on a good day right? Man, this situation didn't even involve either of my own children and I was desperately caught up in the 15 minutes of drama! AHHHHHHH! Anyhow, M's mom called me back to let me know she had reached them and yes, they were home and fine. Just what I figured. I told both the boyfriend and the grandmother to relax, and that there was probably nothing at all to worry about. So, as I am receiving her update, the other line goes (hey! look at that~there's call waiting on my cell) so I let her go and flip over to the other line. It's the boyfriend, who is also calling to tell me that he reached M. So this is where the real drama started...

She WAS NOT impressed that the school called him. She proceeded to tell him how she had given "those idiots at the school" her new number at least 3 f**king times! What the hell were they doing calling him?

Princess Rules of Conduct
1. If the mother/father neglects to call the school and inform them that the child will not be there, they have NO CAUSE to question who the school calls. The staff are only trying to protect our children for crying out loud. This has happened with my boys before as well. I actually had to have a conversation with the ex's girlfriend about a similar situation.
2. The parent who has commited the offence of not being responsible should never ever be upset with the parent who is frantically trying to locate their "missing" child. They should apologise, put their children first and suck it up.
Now, I don't normally get into this kind of topic here and I certainly don't want to offend anyone who might read this (M--if you do read this and you're pissed, sorry, but I stand by my statements on this topic).

Monday, February 18, 2008

Every Second Monday

Sometimes Monday is my favorite day of the week. Every second one, anyhow. It's all because of shared custody.

For the last 3 1/2 years, we (me and my ex) have had the children 1 week on, 1 week off . Yeah, that's right...completely 50/50 for those of you just joining in. Those of you who have children can surely understand the trauma in this. I used to take care of them always, and had to adjust to having every other week free. What? Free time? For me? Holy Shit, really? Ok, so after a few months I developed a better outlook and was able to see the positive side.

It's Monday and the boys are gone to their father's house for the week. I will talk to them every night, but won't see them again until next week. I miss them terribly after a couple of days...but oh the joys of Every Second Monday!

Since I have been home from work my evening has gone like this...

1. 5:15-6:30-- sat in a chair by the computer (waiting my turn, actually) next to the boyfriend who was doing facebook things followed by some online poker.

2. Expressed my extreme disinterest in cooking since there are no little birds here... but there's some spaghetti sauce in the fridge and we can cook some noodles. (incidentally, it is now 7:30 and I just started the pasta)

3. 6:36-7:19--decided to rock out for a while. I have a guitar hero career. My band name is Princess (yes, of course) and I am this cool Asian chick with purple pigtails and knee-high socks with a mini. Not only that, but whenever I totally rock, she does this funky thing with her arms...looks like a cheerleader move...and kicks one leg up. I get right into it and jump around right here in my livingroom as well.

Did I mention that I have had 2 beer as well? On a Monday you say? Ah well!

You know what? I had some high hopes for today. I had all intentions of going to the gym after work, but the beer in the fridge from Saturday night was calling to me. There's always tomorrow...

I have more to say, but now my supper is ready and it's a whole different topic. Perhaps I will be back later tonight. There's plenty going on.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Princess Doesn't Need A "Goodnight Princess" Lamp?

So, it's not nearly as exciting as shopping with Lady at Sak's in New York would be, but it passes as a wonderful little treat just for me! I saw it when I stopped in to the bank machine at a pharmacy near my place. That was about a month ago, and I actually stood there looking at it for about 5 minutes deciding whether or not I wanted to get it. Seemed a little silly to spend $20 on something like that, so I left it. I have been thinking about it since then and decided last night that if it was still there it was meant to come home with me. I am too impatient to mess with the various settings on my camera and couldn't get a great picture of it with the light on, so I put these on for you to see. So cute. I love it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Love Day

the boyfriend gave me pretty flowers...aren't they lovely?
Valentines day events:

Sidney said he did not get caught by the guy that shoots the hearts at people, what's his name again? I asked him what happens if Cupid (oh yeah, Cupid) catches you and he sort of rolled his eyes, smirked at me and said "he makes you fall in love".

Seth was given the option of giving valentines out in class or not. He decided he didn't want to. Perhaps he is too cool now that he is 10.

I received a call from Seth's teacher around lunchtime today saying that they were having some sewage backup problems (eww...I know...they were super quick to get the children out of the building) and all the children had to be picked up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I didn't have the car today and had to have the boyfriend pick us up, take us home, then scat back to work. He told me on the way that I wouldn't be able to get my present now because it was going to work! Ahhhhh! I need my present, it's Valentine's Day for the love of Pete (whoever that is). He picked them up for me when he went to pick Sidney up at daycare. He really is great and I sure do feel loved today.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forget The Writer's Strike, I Still Have My Big Brother!

I absolutely love this show. It is the trashiest of the reality tv shows (mainstream ones, that is) but it only makes me love it more. It has so much drama that it makes me laugh dammit... and isn't that the point of television shows?

That was for the haters who laugh and poke fun because I love it so much. I have friends who are secret Big Brother fans...they just don't want all of their friends to know. Silly, silly...just sit back and enjoy. At least you don't have to actually live with these people.

So the 9th season started last night. Every year there is a twist to the theme. This year they have sent in singles and paired them off (with a Big Brother soul mate match...hahaha). They are going to have to play the game in teams of 2. They will even be voted off together, which is really different. They call it "Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part".

Things I am looking forward to: who will have the most passionate showmance, who will clash the most, and will there be any catfights? MEOW! Love it, love it, love it!

School's Closed Today...Due to Pending Bad Weather

The first thing I do when I get up on work days through the winter is peak outside to see if we have to shovel. This morning looked clear and fine, although there is a storm in the forcast. Imagine my surprise when the radio announcer said that school was cancelled for the day. I'm like, What? It's fine out there. I guess it is much easier to cancel in the morning before all of the stock buses go, and teachers and students make their way to classes. Seth was thrilled, of course. I am pleased to spend a quiet day here at home with my boys, however, it always sucks when the paycheck comes. I am just gonna take it for today though...a free day with my children. Sidney could have gone to daycare, but since we are here anyhow, it's nice to have him home too. Sometimes if Seth is sick I still take Sidney but everyone is healthy so here we are.

Things I may get done today:

1.create a new resume for Blake (something I told him I would do)
2.finish making valentines gift...unfortunately some of my stuff is at work--crap!
3. make something yummy for supper
4.post about Big Brother which was on last night. (this I will probably do later)

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Great Hair Product Discovery

Now, I am not normally a fan of Redken but I am rethinking my opinion because of these products. They make my hair feel clean, soft and gorgeous. Just happened upon them in an after Christmas sale package. It also came with a lip gloss with a mirror and a light for travel. Free stuff is always good.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

After a Few Days of Hibernation

What a week! I got almost nothing accomplished until yesterday because I was feeling so crappy. The boyfriend hurt his back early in the week and has also been out of commision. We didn't eat much all week. I did cook frozen pizza 2 nights, he made soup one night, and there were leftovers from Monday that we finished of as well.

During my weeks without the boys I usually run all my errands, shop, and clean the house so that I have less to focus on when they are here. I like to spend the evenings with them and not out running around, you know? I saved everything for this weekend. I drug my sniffling ass to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and left several bags on the kitchen floor to put away today. I seem to be a little more energetic today, although still very tired and a little sore. Colds are bad, no one likes them. That's just how it goes.

I had hoped to spend every evening at the gym, then home to cook something fun for us. That's how some weeks go, but this one was much less active for us both. Ah well, the boys will be here on Monday, then Tyler on Friday, so there will be no rest or peace. It's been a very quiet week to be feeling under the weather. Thank goodness I am coming out of the fog.

So far today, I have made a spaghetti sauce for tomorrow's supper, baked cupcakes and iced half with vanilla and half with chocolate icing. I am baking a small ham, making some potatos and veggies, and I will prepare some meatballs later to freeze. These boys eat quite well when I am healthy, let me tell you. I finally managed to clean the floors and washrooms, dust and do laundry. Talk about a busy day. Glad I can finally relax a little before getting ready for work in the morning.

This week will be better.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Brief Stop Here, Then It's Back to My Nest of Pillows

I'm sick today. I have a nasty cold that might just get worse before it gets better. I have had broken sleep the last 2 nights and just needed to stay home and rest up. I hate missing days at work, but I find it hard to struggle through...answering phones and all of that when my head is pounding like it is. Why spread it around anyhow? The boys are at their dad's this week, so I didn't need to get up and do anything. Pleasant way to be sick if you ask me.

I told the boyfriend how I was feeling when I got up first thing. He touched my hair and said "Go back to sleep, Babe."...ahhh...how could I resist? I do have a meeting this afternoon, though. I am feeling a little work guilt but I know what the meeting is all about and can get filled in tomorrow. Also, we are expecting snow and may have to reschedule the meeting for another day. Di is going to e-mail me and let me know. Blake came home at lunch to see how I was feeling and bring me a coffee. Awww...very nice indeed. I also got a chance to put in an order for orange juice, kleenex, and neocitron.

I think I will go back to the nest now. I have formed a big circle with 2 body pillows plus 4 feather pillows, strategically placed for my comfort. I am reading "Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume. I believe I was 9 or 10 years old when I read it the first time. I find it hilarious now that I am a mother of 2 monkey boys.

Monday, February 04, 2008

What's Your Ring Tone?

Is your ringtone just a ring, or do you have a downloaded song that plays when someone calls you? I am currently using "This Is Why I'm Hot" by Mims. I quite enjoy it, and I don't ever mistake someone else's phone ringing for my own, plus it lets everyone around know that there is a hot lady in the room. If I were to assign rings to people who call me, I would use the following songs:

For Blake: "Baby's Got Back"

For Rebecca: "Piece of Me"

For Diana: "Dirty Diana"

For Midge: "I'm a Hustler"

So let me know what you guys all have...pretty please?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What Super Bowl Means Here

"When do they pass out the big spoons for the super bowl?" ask Seth and Tyler.

"Yay! We're going bowling! When we going bowling mama?" wonders Sidney.

I just have to laugh. I am not sure how serious the big boys were about it, but it was hilarious to me.

Did you hear Alicia Keyes at the beginning of the show tonight? Wow. She is amazing, not to mention beautiful and and extremely talented.

I ate hot wings for supper. The boyfriend mixed up an awesome sauce that would have been milder had I thrown it together. This one definately had more flavor. Home fries also. Nasty greasy, delicious morsels.

I drove Ty home and Blake stayed here and got my boys to bed while watching the football game.

Adding on here...dramatic 4th quarter by the New York Giants. Good game. Amazing finish.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Willow Tree Figurines

This one is called "brothers". I want it.

This one is called "Quietly". Wow, I haven't seen this one in stores but I would love to get it.

This one is called "Heart of Gold". It reminds me of both my boys.

This one is called "Friendship". Rebecca gave one to me.

I think these are so beautiful. I have the last one here and another called "Mother and Child". I couldn't find it on this site, but there are some other very nice ones. I actually set it to the Nativity scenes because they are beautiful. Definately worth a click.

Friday, February 01, 2008

In 3 Years 160 days 1 hour and 45 minutes from now

I will be 40 years old. I am not upset about it, I just have lots of things I want to do before that. Some of these things include:

1. Going on an all inclusive trip down south somewhere. Difficult, but perhaps attainable.

2. Buy a house. I had one with the ex, but of course it was sold. It is a huge commitment to buy a house with someone, so I wait. I believe Blake and I will buy one together someday.

3. Now this is the most important one to me. It is a pipe dream, and I don't really know if it is AT ALL possible, but I want to have breast implants. CRAZY, I know! Since they arrived when I was 11-13, they have always belonged on 2 different bodies, and it has just gotten worse after having 2 children. They are 2 completely different cup sizes and I have to compensate by using both removable inserts in one cup to make them look even. I will take out a personal loan if I have to for this. I don't think people realize how serious I am about it. I can't imagine actually buying a bra that fits properly, it will be a new experience for me. It is not for vanity, or to please anyone but me. I am going to see my doctor and get a referral. I understand that this could take up to 1 year, so I am going to see her soon. I only have a little over 3 years to get this started. I understand that it will cost me approximately $7000.00. Am I crazy, or what?

4. I am going to run in a marathon someday. I would love to do it during my 40th year.


Confessions of a Pouty Princess

Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to write some of my truest inner thoughts for you all to read. I was thinking last night how cool it would be to have a secret blog...then it occured to me that I should just write in a journal or a diary. I have things banging around in my head...too many sometimes. I float around doing all the things I am responsible for, all the things required of me, have a little fun in between, but I feel like there is some deep need to get things off my chest. I suppose I am feeling a little more courageous having found all of these new blogs, but perhaps I am afraid of: (1) hurting someone's feelings (2) pissing someone off (3) putting my relationship in jeapordy. Not so much the last, as I would be truly surprised if he looks here or would even comment to me about it if he did.

Confession: I think that he is slightly intimidated that I write here because he thinks I share too much information and also because he believes I am smarter than him...did I really say that? I have 7 years on him and have lived a far different life, that's all. It's not like I have any university degrees or anything. I am who I am. I just wanna be free to be me. I just wanna feel good about it at the same time. Sound fair? I think so.