Monday, March 31, 2008

My Quiet Blog Reader

So, a little over a week ago the boyfriend says to me:

"You put your boobies on the internet."

I said, "Yeah, but not anything I wouldn't post on my blog. So you got to the link? Did you like the boobies?" He indicated that yes, he did very much. I guess perhaps this post or the site for the boobie wars caught his attention on his computer travels. I was so excited that he read it, even just a post or 2! He doesn't really get into all my blog talk, see? I was pleasantly surprised. :)

I Asked For Coffee, Dammit!

Sometimes Monday mornings just don't start off right. After arriving at work and settling at my desk to have my morning coffee... placing the cup to my mouth with happy anticipation...I ended up taking a big swig of the boyfriend's tea that has 3 cream and 3 sugar (I'll give you a moment to gag) instead of coffee. I am quite sure he was just as disappointed to end up with mine. He was already gone, so I couldn't ask him if he was as pissed as I was.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Winter Blahs

I always get really cranky when winter is close to an end. I really start to crave the warmth and can hardly wait for walking weather (I know, a true walker wouldn't care, but it's damn cold out there). Weather here (is it is everywhere, really) is so unpredictable that it could snow in May or even June. Who knows? Anyhow, I always feel lazy and unproductive during the months of February and March. I don't feel like doing anything once the boys are in bed. I am tired and my brain doesn't want much strain. Sometimes when I blog I wait until I know "exactly" what I want to say. I don't fly by the seat of my pants well. I am a planner through and through. I often have amusing things to talk about, especially when the boys are here because there's always chaos and craziness. Some of it is actually quite funny. By the time I finish all the family stuff, I just don't feel like a flowery speech. I need to loosen up more. I need to just write a couple sentences so that I don't forget to tell you what's going on here. I am hopelessly caught in the winter blahs. All my clothes are tight. I need to go back to working out. Lazy. This is what I've been doing on the weekends...

I won't even lie, I really do enjoy this!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hoo Hoo

Did somebody say Hooters?
So, it's judgement day. I decided to join in on the second annual boobie wars taking place this week. Today is the last day to put in your votes. It's now of never so vote for the princess here and again here and I'll be your lifelong friend.
There are certainly some pretty titties over there. Oh I slay myself...
By the way, my city is getting a Hooters restaurant. It's opening next week, so after the boys go to their dad's (the week after) I think my guy and I will go check it out. I think it'll be really fun to see what all the hype's about...I am sure we'll see lots of cleavage as well.
In other news...I am home AGAIN (but with all the boys) today. School was cancelled due to bad weather. Oddly, I still managed to take the boyfriend to work, drop Sidney off at daycare and took Seth to the office to work on something I really needed to finish today. Then I picked up Tyler, then back to Sid. We're home safe and sound. It's unfortunate that they are so quick to cancel sometimes, though I appreciate they are trying to keep our children safe. Inconvenient today to say the least. Work it piling up at my desk because I have been focusing on the year end only for several days. Crazy! Tons of fun waiting for me on Monday morning. It'll make the day fly though.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My T-Shirt Collection

I dropped by the Sassy Suzel's blog this morning and discovered she had tagged me for a post. I was so excited to post it, I actually felt ok with having to pick Seth up from school early today (he gets unexplained belly-aches sometimes and I always grill him about pain levels before I will get him---mean mama!). I really don't have many t-shirts that say anything. I wear mostly solid colored plain shirts. My first thought was "Man, I wish I still had my vomit glossary t-shirt. That would be hilarious!". But alas, it was so old and worn that I had to cut it up for rags. It had 12 block comics, each one depicting a different saying for "Vomit". One was "Dry Heaves", another "Praying to the porcelain god" get the idea. It was the funniest shirt I ever owned. I did manage to find a few that I would love to share with you. These ones are very girly and probably more what I normally wear. Snow bunny (that's me, by the way) and The Doors (gotta love them!).

These are "pub crawl" t-shirts. You may be asking yourself (or me) "What is a pub crawl?". Well, when you live in the city with the most bars per ca pita in the country, you stroll from bar to bar all night. It's not really a regular thing with cover charge being so outrageously priced, but a well organized pub crawl can be a lot of fun, and can last up to 12 hours if you do it right. Sometimes if you call ahead and have enough people, they will (or used to anyhow) waive cover...sweet! It's awesome in a big group. Believe it or not, some bars are so close together you really could crawl to the next if so inclined. Next question "Princess, why is the writing on that shirt upside down?". Hello! I have to be able to read it so I know where to go next! The beige one is from a pub crawl I organized for work. We didn't have a great turn-out, but it was a fun. The black one is from an impromptu high school reunion with some old friends. Good times, good times.

This shirt has been washed so many times that it has holes all over the place. The pits blew out years ago, but i really can't bring myself to get rid of it. This is Pink Floyd we're talking about here! Concert event of my lifetime for certain.

We bought tickets 4 months in advance (floor seats no less) and there was NO WAY anyone was backing out. Here's the scene: Vancouver, 1994--not gonna tell you how old I was, you do the math. My guy and I had broken up about 3 weeks before the concert. His cousin and her boyfriend (also attending with us) had broken up just shortly before as well. Thank god we did have 1 poor buffer guy with us. Actually, we were all so happy to be at the concert we decided on a truce for the night. What a long, strange trip that was.

I once saw a shirt that said "Whenever" on the front, and "Where ever" on the back. My ex-husband didn't like it very much, so I wasn't able to buy it. It made me laugh and I never forgot it. All my girls poke fun because I am always up for some sexy time. I gotta find a "Princess" shirt. Actually, "I'm the Princess, that's why" would be PERFECT for me!

Now, I think I will go ahead and tag some mamas. I tag: Mom of 3, Momma to 2, and my sister Eve. Holla ladies! Let's see whatcha got.

I would also like to know what Kitty and Sid are wearing.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sookey Queen

Sidney had been playing Guitar Hero and handed it over to the boyfriend before heading downstairs to get ready for bed...

He was playing Mississippi Queen (background noise when I am otherwise occupied, so I wasn't really paying attention) and Sidney says "who's playing that Sookey Sookey Queen". I'm like, "Pardon?". He goes "on the guitar hero mama, who is it playing the sookey queen song?"...the lightbulb..."Ohhhh, he's playing Mississippi Queen, Bubba". CUTE

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Song Choice for Saturday

So, I am going to try and post 1 song each Saturday that I enjoy. Now, I don't have mad skills with attachments in posts, so it will have to be a song I can find on YouTube. I wish I knew how to actually upload the video into a post...anyone?

This week's choice is Ching-A-Ling by Missy Elliott. I love her because she is always herself and doesn't buy into the skinny hype. She is sexy and happy in her own skin. Also, she loves to shake what her mama gave her... and asses (and the shaking of ) are one of my very favorite things. She's successful in her own field because she is a talented, determined woman. I realize not everyone enjoys Rap/Hip Hop tunes and they won't always be this type of music, but it is something I love. I could dance for hours. Speaking of which, I am all alone for the evening and I may just dance around the living room a little. Time well spent. I can listen to the same song 3 times in a row if I want and no one will say a word. Very nice.

A Little Reality Check

Every time I wonder why my pants feel snug (well, I don't really wonder why because I know already) I think about what I am shoving in my maw at night. I know you are not supposed to eat late at night, but I get hungry. I had conditioned myself for a long time to have a piece of toast or some cereal, but sometimes I am offered a snack made by someone else. This was such a time...I probably wouldn't have loaded the bowl up quite so much, but I did manage to eat every last morsel. We went grocery shopping on Thursday night and it's an event that requires taste testing the food. We have to check for poison before the boys get here you know. Can't have them eating something that could potentially make them sick. The dirty job falls on me to make sure that doesn't happen.

fresh strawberries, ice cream and cool whip...heavenly!

So this is what we had for an evening snack last night. I had a relatively small piece, but there is still most of a cake in my freezer. Temptations galore. It was Tyler's birthday though. I had no choice. Would have been very rude not to have a piece, don't you think?

Dairy Queen Ice cream cake...yummy!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dreaming of The Summer Sun

Oh how I miss summer. It is far and away my favorite season. It is cold and snowy and we are supposed to get a big storm tomorrow. One of my coworkers is going on a trip to Cuba as we speak...BASTARD! That's it! I need to go tanning with the sessions the boyfriend gave me as a Christmas gift. I bet that will make me feel a little better. I think I may even book one for this evening.

look at the baby blues on my little bubba

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nattie the Bikini Barista, Adventures in Waxing, Bizarre Stop Signs and the Rest of My Week

First of all what exactly is a bikini barista? That's what Natalie on Big Brother has as her job title. Wednesday night is was cleared up for viewers like me who just have to know...she is a bartender/waitress who works in a bikini. Well now, that explains the large boobies on a tiny person. Not that I have a problem with fake boobies, please understand. Oh Nattie is so in love with her partner Matty. It's such a shame that he doesn't like her back. :(

I am enjoying my Big Brother this season. It is filled with drama and entertainment. They have just been informed that they are playing as individuals. I was wondering how they were going to stretch it out with only 4 couples. Nice one! Anyhow, now it is up to the American viewers to vote an evicted house guest back into the Big Brother house. Who's it gonna be folks? I hope we find out on Sunday. I hope it isn't Jen. Hard to say with public voting. What I am most curious about is the new dynamic that will occur now that they don't have to be loyal to a partner. Tricky BB was just showing us how people can become loyal to one another when romance comes into play. Interesting. I am wondering if James and Chelsia will still play together.

Onto other topics...

I bought a home waxing kit. I do miss the waxing and have been wanting to try it at home. I bought some many years ago and tried it once or twice then went to a professional. Now I have actually watched it enough that it isn't really intimidating. I bought a brand called Parissa. I got some microwavable wax with papers and sticks and some wax strips that you warm between your hands with friction and place on the skin. I did my eyebrows with them and they turned out very well, although the strips are rectangular and it may have been easier with the wax and stick where the brows are curved. It's all about results though. The boyfriend was a wonderful sport and allowed me to wax his chest. Hot!

changing the subject again...

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at work. We had our year end inventory last Friday. It is a slow time of year in our industry, but a hectic time for admin staff. The homeshow is this weekend. I had a shift on Friday during work hours, and another on Saturday. It was busy and the day went pretty quickly. Just in front of our booth there were 2 people standing on either side of the isle holding really big STOP signs. The carpet had yellow stripes like a road, so I guess there was some sort of theme (?) only they didn't seem to be giving out any information or doing anything except standing there talking to one another. They had homeshow staff shirts...odd. I meant to bring my camera and snap a picture just for the post, but alas...I forgot it at home.

It is so quiet here this weekend. There are no children here right now. My boys are staying an extra week with their dad for the March Break and then I will get them for 2 weeks after that...yay! Master Tyler is turning 10 next weekend so I am quite sure we'll be seeing him. His b-day party is scheduled for the following weekend~which is also Easter. It will take some planning and coordination but I am up for the challenge. Piece of cake. Definately.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clumsy-Ass Chick

This is not the first post about my clumsiness and it certainly won't be the last. Damn freezing rain! I had to drop off some brochures for overprint yesterday morning and in the 15-20 minutes I was out of the office, I managed to come back all gimped up. After dropping off my stuff I headed back to the truck but before I managed to get to the door I slipped. I fell onto my knees and instinctively put my hands forward for support. They slapped onto the ground but did not provide much support because they immediately slipped out as well, leaving me sprawled out in the parking lot. Oh shit! Did anyone see that? Did I rip my dress pants? Again, did anyone see that? Of course my chin hit the ground as well as my knees, palms and one elbow and I was bleeding from my fingers. I am walking sooooo slowly today.

The thing is, I never hurt myself badly enough for a hospital visit or anything. Just enough that I am bruised, battered and sore for several days. The troll at work was bitching about how I should sue. Ummm...last time I checked you actually had to lose time at work, or have a serious injury in order to sue. I replied by simply saying "I'm at work today, so what I am I going to sue them for exactly?". Not to mention that we don't/can't sue people the same way Americans can. That's not a dig at Americans, they just do things differently than we do here in Canada.

The boyfriend was extremely sympathetic as soon as he saw me hobbling around. He got me an ice pack and had me lay down on the couch with my leg propped up on pillows for the evening. I am staying close to my desk today. Less opportunity to fall down that way.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

He's My Everyday Hero

I loves my boyfriend. He is my best friend and every time he does something for me that makes me happy I tell him he is my everyday hero. It has sort of become our little inside joke. He accepts my silly ways and I accept his. From the beginning of our relationship I was always impressed with his kindness and attention to my children. It is one thing to be nice to someones child/children, but another entirely to love them. He loves them.

Almost 1 year ago, I encouraged him and stood by him as he sought out his son. His ex had left the province and he had not seen or had ANY contact with her or Tyler for 7 years. I have mentioned it before but it is such an incredible series of events that it bears repeating. He actually found her profile on facebook and sent her an e-mail. That was last April. They moved to our area last summer and father and son were reunited at the beginning of August 2007. Since that time, we have had him most weekends. He and Seth became fast friends, and Sidney just adores him as well. I am now a stepmother.

The interesting thing is this: Blake and I had just moved in together late that spring but to Tyler we appear to be such a stable family as if we had been together forever or something you know? Not that we aren't happy, but just imagine what a wonderful yet extremely complicated situation it is. It provides us with more motivation to work on our relationship and establish our life together. Since he and the ex hadn't been in touch all those years, there was a huge build-up of frustration and some anger on both sides. I am so glad that I was there to help and guide and play a little mediation as well. He has told me how much easier I made it for him to be able to talk to with her. I just offer support and a listening ear when he needs it. I am so anal about routine and structure for children and Blake has adopted my attitude with this as well. We do everything we can to provide his son with a loving and stable environment as I know that his life has been somewhat complex. Though it has forever changed our lives, I couldn't be happier that this has happened. I have often said that even if things don't work out between us I will always feel good about being instrumental in bringing the 2 of them back together. How can I allow him to love my children and not love his? I can't. I love him and we develop our relationship more each time he comes home.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All I Am Is...

There's this song I remember from my teen years. It's not on the radio or anything, I actually heard it at a live show by a Mormon singing group called "The Young Ambassadors". One of the lines goes like this:

All I am is just a housewife. Nothing special, nothing great.

It goes on to list all the little things she deals with in a day. Fighting children, cooking meals, cleaning house (all of which I do, of course along with my 8-5 job). When I am feeling particularly discouraged with myself or just life in general, I hear it in my head something like this:

All I am is just a secretary. Nothing special, nothing great.

The extent of my post secondary education is a 1 year Office Administrative Assistant program. I sometimes lament because I was too emotionally scattered after high school to do anything of substance with my life (although I did move across the country on my own and managed to learn some lessons about in being a responsible adult). My father paid for each of my brothers to go to university, but I somehow missed the boat on that one. I just wasn't around at the right time or something I guess. I met my ex at age 23 and helped him establish his career before we split 10 years later, but we never seemed to have the money for me to take accounting or computer courses. Always more pressing things to spend the cash on with a house, car and child. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a failure being a single mother and all (since I couldn't even keep a relationship together either). I get down because I want so much to give them what they need and want (within reason). I know that I have the boyfriend, but it is important to me to be self sufficient. I have been working at the same job and with mostly the same people for the last 7 1/2 years and I just feel like I am treading water. I have had 1 (that's right folks, I did say 1!) $.50 raise in the last 4 years. WTF am I going to do with only $.50 more per hour in 4 years? Well, not much I can tell you! I apply for other positions, but because I have no experience with most of the newer accounting programs, I don't often get considered. I have been trying (but to no avail) to get my boss to put me on the payroll course, but he insists that it is of no benefit to him. I know this is a lot of stuff I am talking about today, but it has been just eating me up.

Did I mention that I have not had a vacation in 6 years? I have taken the occasional long weekend, but my 10 days of vacation per year get eaten up with sick days for me and the boys. No, I do not have any paid sick days. Today I am feeling so tired, so discouraged, and rather inadequate all at once. I feel like just screaming at everyone who comes into my office (with the exception of Di perhaps). I have a doctor's appointment this coming Monday and am considering taking the day off just for me. I don't know what I want to do really, maybe just sit quietly or something. I am standing in my friend's wedding this summer so no matter how many sick days I take between now and August, I still have to take time off for that as it is out of province. Sadly, it should be something I look forward to but all I can think of is how am I going to pay for school supplies and everything when I am taking a whole week off. I think too much, you don't have to tell me.

On the positive side, I am lucky to be employed and have a roof over my head. I am so proud of my children and I believe I am teaching them good, valuable life skills. In that area I do feel adequate. I know that they love being with me even though I cannot provide as much stuff for them. I am proud of the way I live my life, I am just feeling a little low today. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4...

Now I declare a boobie war! Holla Kitty! Holla WendyB! Holla MistressM...I am guessing you're in have convinced me to join in the fun.

Special thanks to my brother in law who took this lovely boobie shot.