Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day of Lasts

I received a call from my children yesterday afternoon at work that was so cute and funny. They were on speakerphone and they were both talking excitedly about their lasts.

Seth was telling me that he graded AND got the best report card he's ever had...1 B and the rest A's. Yay for my wonderful, smart boy!

Sidney had is very last day at daycare where he's been going since he was 6 months old! My baby is starting school in September, and will to be going to the same childcare facility as Seth now. The summer program is loads of fun and it will teach him to be responsible for his backpack and lunch in preparation for big school. He was also yelling into the speakerphone telling me how he graded and that I should be very proud of him as well. I told him I certainly was proud of him! Yay for my sweet baby boy!

Both boys will be in French Immersion and I am quite certain Seth will be able to help Sidney with any trouble he may have. I also think that no matter how much Seth teases is little brother, he will watch over him at big school and make sure no one is mean to him or anything. Big brothers rock!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Bittersweet Love Affair with The Slim White Demon

Sounds rather steamy, doesn't it? I am definately not talking about a man. No slim jims allowed here thank you very much.

I wrote a post in January where I shared with you the fact that I had been cigarette free since October 31, 2007. I held off a while before saying anything and was doing quite well until one fateful day when I made a royal blunder.

I went to my girl's surprise birthday party and actually hung out with the smokers (seeing as she is one) and did all right. Resisted temptation. And even though I know:

Smoking makes your teeth yellow,
Smoking makes your breath smellow!
I still got this waft of sweet smelly smoke and wanted one. The next evening I was home alone and found the full pack that the boyfriend hadn't taken with him. I sat down and smoked 3 within 1/2 hour. I know...disgusting! I happen to agree, but alas my friends, I am smoking again. I suspect that's part of the reason I have been feeling a little low. It made me feel great to stop and if I had kept up with the workouts it would have helped. I will try again soon. For the good of my health and my children I WILL LICK THIS!

Monday, June 23, 2008

At the end of the day

I was amusing myself during the last 1/2 hour of work today by listening to one of the salesmen talking with a customer. He uses the phrase "At the end of the day" (like...we won't know exactly how much the install will cost until a site visit at the end of the day) an awful lot so I started ticking a post-it note each time he said it. Now, I had to answer the phone a couple of times and talk with a customer briefly but my ticks were up to 12. It was only a 15 minute conversation! I had to leave my office and go down the hall to giggle a little.

The princess is back bitches! Did you miss me?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busted! And Now It's Off To Blogger Prison

Shame on all you bloggers for making your posts so appealing that I simply cannot resist sneaking a peek at work!

I run 2 computers in my office space. One is a '98 that I use for our extremely comprehensive DOS based accounting system (that my boss doesn't want to let go of), and my XP where I run everything else. I just got the XP last month and am now networked with all the sales/management instead of only my accounts manager. So this morning everything froze up on both systems. I have this connector that allows me to flip from system to system, so I wasn't really alarmed. The mouse wouldn't work. How annoying is it to see 1 stupid box come up that says "no mouse is detected" and another stupid box that says "click here to solve problem"...what the hell? Anyhow, other people had to get involved and the external IT guy was brought in. As I was leaving to meet my ex and Sidney for primary orientation, my boss is saying so what causes this? Shit...shit...shit. And off I go to my meeting.

When I got back everything was working fine and I had a lot of work to do because I took tomorrow off to volunteer before Relay. I went online to get a postal code and saw that my history was out and my blogsite was gone from my list of sites on site bar. No one said anything about it to me so I don't think it caused any problem (although perhaps my signing into something can make a difference?) but now I know someone had a peekie-deek at what I'd been up to. Not all that exciting really, just looking at blogs and I did a post the other day. Ah well, Monday's another day. I will lay off. It's because I can't get enough.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Grudge~~part #1

I forgive easily but have great difficulty forgetting offences against me or my loved ones. I don't believe this is an unusual trait for a woman.

So there's this horrible Bitch-Cow-Whore (yes, this is how I refer to her) that I will never forget. Her name is actually Rhonda, but I like Bitch-cow-whore so much better. She was my older brother's first live-in girlfriend, which puts us way back in...1986? 1987 perhaps? Anyhow, I went to visit at their place one weekend and I took along all the pictures I had in my possession. All of the family photos that exist. We sat there for hours, my brother and I, sorting and battling for certain shots. There was one in particular...just a snap shot of our parents together. My mother with jeans and a t-shirt that said "Eat a beaver, save a tree"(which we both thought was hilarious!) and my father with his arm around her. They divorced when I was 7, so there weren't a lot of those shots available. I finally relented and let my brother keep that one along with many others. See, I have all of our baby pictures and baby books along with many school pictures, report cards, all of that stuff.

A couple of months later, my brother shows up at my place to talk to me because he had finally decided to leave her. Good, I thought. She's a bitch-cow-whore and not good enough for my brother. But here's the catch...the stupid bitch THREW OUT all of his things! Records, books, and worst of all...PICTURES OF OUR DEAD MOTHER!!! What kind of person does something like that? I would not likely recognise her all these years later, but have always vowed that if I did see her, I would give her a good hard punch in the face.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Candy 4 Cancer~~A Night Out

We were supposed to go camping last night. It just never happened. It was a work related event and I was feeling rather cranky with some of my co-workers the last couple of days and decided to do other things instead. My boys have gymnastics/boxing lessons on Saturdays and some of the ladies on my relay team were going out to collect random donations for Team Bean. They have done it years past and I must say, I really enjoyed my sober night out. I wouldn't have wanted to be all sloppy while walking around with candy and money anyhow. We were asking for donations and offering an assortment of candy for their kindness. The first things to go were the candy necklaces and bracelets. Remember those from childhood? (I took one when I noticed they were almost gone). I suppose it didn't hurt that we got all dressed up either. I wish we'd taken a picture before we had to walk in the rain. I also would have liked to show you my skirt and heels.

Here we are with our wares. We raised $310 while we were out!

While waiting for my friend in the washroom I somehow felt compelled to take a picture of the vending machine. Perfume and cologne. Last chance for romance at the caberet!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Aunt Flo is a Cold Hard Bitch

Don't let the horn-rimmed glasses and sweet smile fool you...she's a bitch! I stole this picture a while back from pinkpiddypaws. This is so not true! Closest friend my ass! More like worst enemy. Sure it allows us the ability to have children, but what else? I am discovering each year that passes how bad it can really be. I now fully understand the the mood swings and severe cramps. Sunday night and into Monday morning I spent a delightful 3 1/2 hours in the fetal position while experiencing such nasty cramps that the pain went right to my knees--for real! It's getting worse every month.

I sometimes manage to keep the moods in check, but more often than not I am extremely sensitive during my week causing 1.anger 2.tears. If you are planning on pissing me off you should definitely come back next week. Speaking of that, some asshole stole my yogurt from the fridge at work. I put it there yesterday and just hadn't eaten it and when I went to get it around 10:30 this morning it was gone. Thieving pig! It's not the first time this has happened. I once had my roast beef dinner taken...container and all. I have to stop now before I start ranting. I haven't picked a song for Saturday in awhile and I am going camping this Saturday. I decided to add a song that expresses my feelings at the moment--not the boy/girl relationship part, just the expressive words in general. Love this song!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Can't Get Enough Hannibal Lecter

I love turning on the television and seeing that there's a movie that I love starting RIGHT NOW! Yay! Tonight it's Red Dragon. I have a big crush on Edward Norton, so there's that, but I also remember sitting in the theatre to watch Silence of the Lambs when it was first released. What year was that again? I would check if I wasn't watching a movie right now. I remember when it ended my sister Micheline turns to me and says "I could just get another ticket and watch that again!" How can you not love a movie with such intensity and fabulous acting? I mean really though! Anthony Hopkins is awesome.

I was watching the credits of Red Dragon a few moments ago and noticed a lot of really big name actors. I have seen it a few times, and read the book and the casting was phenomenal. Cheers to good movies. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.