Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hello, My Name is Corinna

Me again,

I believe there are few people who actually like their name through life. We always want what we don't have, so it stands to reason I guess.

My name is Corinna (pronounced Co-reen-aa). I have had life-long trouble getting people to pronounce it correctly. I often would get called Coreen, or Corinne, people seemed to have trouble. Of course, my older brother's friends called me "Corinna cat chow", which didn't improve my feelings towards it. My most excellent childhood friend and sister Eve (who uses her middle name, incidentally) started calling me "Cori". When moved in with her family after my mother passed in 1985 (I was 13), Eve introduced me to everyone as "Cori" and it stuck.

At various points in my adult life I have tried to introduce myself as Corinna, however there always seemed to be someone around who knew me as Cori, or people who couldn't say it right. Cori it is--makes life easier and I don't dislike it.

Thank you to my sweetie who met me as "Cori" but calls me "Corinna".

My new noisy neighbors

Oh how I miss my neighbor Tammy! I just moved into my little townhouse in July, but I got talking to her outside through the summer. She worked nights, had a very quiet roommate, and life was good. We could chat over the patios while we sipped beer on occasion, exchanging pleasantries, and tidbits about our lives...

Well unfortunately, she had to move. She was losing her roommate, and she couldn't do it on her own. Enter...the new neighbors...da da da!

I really don't know or care what the deal is...but there sure is alot of screaming and yelling going on between 2 women...cops are outside now, gathering information I suppose. Photos trown all over my lawn. My son is coming home from a sleepover, so he will be curious of course. I just wish they would stop and let me enjoy my 3 year old's naptime in peace!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A little about us...

just found out the posting pics thing, so here we go...

my beautiful children



All of us together

I will get better with centering everything...patience...remember Cor, patience

What am I doing Here?

Sooo...I have never done anything like this before, I consider myself somewhat computer/internet illiterate, although I work with a computer all day. Here I am wondering if this post is even gonna work, as I can't even seem to get a picture in my profile! Speaking of...I am going to try and post this now, figure out the URL stuff. To be continued.