Friday, September 28, 2007

Most Shocking Behavior

I heard something on a news brief while driving to work this morning that I thought about through the day. Three girls (ages 14,15 and 18) tortured another girl (age 18) and beat her almost to death for giving information to the police. They took a short break at one point and she was finally able to run away...surely saving her life. does this happen to such young women? How does this happen to anyone? What drove them not only to seriously damage and brutally torture another human being, but also risk their own free lives in exchange? I can't understand it.

I have strong opinions about this young offenders act. It's such a mask/ curtain for these offenders who are getting younger and younger it seems. Where is the accountability for action? What are the consequences in the end? A slap on the wrist and an ability to maintain anonymity? I would love to have an e-mail chat with a certain retired cop I know, just to get a feel for how things have moved in this direction from that perspective.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Beautiful Rustic Wedding--Adair Style

This past Saturday, I attended Adair and Mark's wedding held at the beautiful Mountain Gap Inn and Resorts in Digby, Nova Scotia. In an old-fashioned wooden chapel high on a hill, we all watched as they exchanged the vows they had written for one another. Cool breeze filtered through the partially enclosed church, adding an element of past could close your eyes and imagine weddings from years past, quaint little religious ceremonies held in that very spot. Of course, these thoughts were more of my own imagining than reality perhaps. I don't even know how long that chapel has been standing, but it sort of had an 1800's feel to it, I think.

Of all my female friends, Adair has the most "earthy" quality. She loves the outdoors, and all things natural. She is also the very BEST planner of events. She made cupcakes instead of wedding cake (decorated differently with white/chocolate cake for personal preference). Each family was given a maple tree to plant at their homes, and beautiful name cards at each place setting with special quotes on the inside. Because the wedding and reception were held at the same place, there was a chance to just relax and have a drink or two while the new bride and groom (along with their entourage) had pictures taken. I would have liked to take more pictures, but it was so hard to get a good shot as everyone else had the same idea.

All I kept thinking about while watching my lovely friend all evening was how typically "Adair" everything was. You did a beautiful job, my friend. It is a day we will surely not forget. Congratulations on your marriage...many happy years to follow I am sure. Owen is a lucky boy indeed to have such a loving, caring stepmother in his life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

And It Slipped Through My Fingers

I applied for this random job that I saw online. It is in the construction industry, and I figured...what the hell, I can do this. See, I am not a great fan of change. I like when things stay the same, however, I would like to provide more so I do occasionally have a peek. I am a loyal employee. I feel that little guilty feeling when I call in sick...even when I really and truly feel like death is upon me (ok, so a little exaggeration there). I sort of felt bad even applying, but when it comes right down to it, I have to look out for me because I am the only one who can do it.

I got a call the day after I dropped by with my resume. I felt great even having received a call, really. I have applied for things over the last 3 years or so, but no takers. I don't even care I am going to say it! Looking for work is so intimidating, don't you think? I mean, it's different for me right now because I have a full time job that works well for my boys. I have nothing to lose by trying, but still a little on the scary side. Anyhow, I had an interview late last week. It went very well and we got along splendidly. I received another call and had yet another interview with the out of town boss. He was very nice and we got on well (does that sound somehow dirty how I said that? that's not what I mean, come on!) . The local partner and man in charge where I was applying came in for some of the interview. Sort of a "getting to know you" time if you will. Anyhow, it went very well, but you just never know what the other applicants have. That is what happened in this case. It just wasn't meant to be right now I guess. Tasted good though...salary, 3 weeks paid vacation, allowance for sick days (within reason, of course) and many government holidays off as well. It is good to dream. This experience has built confidence within me to get out there and sell my skills.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Life Lesson #2

There was a sports field near my apartment building growing up. We used to cut through it sometimes going from one friend's place to home. Anyhow, someone once told us (a slightly older friend I believe) not to walk through the field alone because we might get "RAKED" to death. Hmmmmm...I remember just pondering that for a it would feel to have someone run a rake down my body...ewwww. I couldn't really understand why someone would do that at all.

Of course these years later, I understand what the real danger was. Neither, in my opinion, sounds more horrible than the other. It certainly did keep us from cutting through the field.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Blake won tickets to the Billy Talent concert here in town tomorrow. He called into the radio station with his "talent". He does impersonations...Borat, the Crocodile Hunter, various farm animals...don't ask, it's just what he does for entertainment. He is hilarious and it has paid off for him. I didn't actually hear him on the radio, but my co-workers did. He told them he could do farm animals and proceeded to do a few as they requested specific ones. There was a message on the answering machine today telling him that he was also the grand prize winner of backstage passes and a chance to hang with Billy Talent! Isn't that something?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've Fallen And Can Barely Get Up

I am clumsy. If there is a table, chair or some other hard object handy, I will bang into it. If there is a curb or crack in the sidewalk to trip over, I'll do it. I accept this because I really have no other choice. I am "an accident waiting to happen".

2 weekends ago Blake and I were taking down the remainder of the hideous border that had to be scraped from the wall too high to reach on a chair. He took one look at the latter I was going to climb up and opted to scrape it himself and not risk watching me fall down. Wasn't that nice of him? Anyhow, he was scraping and I was wetting the sponge and passing it up and down, also washing walls behind him. We had finally reached the last wall and I went partway down the stairs to pick some of the wet paper off of them. That's when the day went to hell...I slipped and fell down the stairs. I took most of my weight on my left wrist (incidentally I am left-handed) and my left butt cheek. I sort of hobbled into the bedroom to lay down or something...didn't quite know what while Blake is yelling..."What happened?" I just said "I fell down the stairs, just gimme a minute."

I had planned on washing the rest of the wall, then the floors and onto bathrooms...nothing else got done that day. I was definitely done. I went for an x-ray on Thursday as my wrist was (and still is) very tender and sore. Luckily, no broken bones just some badly stretched tendons and bruising.

So...this past weekend we were in Canaan at my cousin's cottage and I banged my leg getting out of the speedboat--OUCH! I have the nastiest, ugliest bruise on my right knee. Lovely! Ah well, such is the life of Corinna. Blake said "Man, everyone is going to think I beat you!". Well, not anyone who knows me well. They all know I can do it to myself without any help.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Beautiful Mother

age 23

age 26

age 35

This One's For You Frankie

I recently aquired a picture scanner and am enjoying it very much. Just wanted to display a great old picture I found of my mother and my guardian dad taken on Boxing Day of 1975...

not quite straight, give me time