Monday, December 31, 2007

A Talent For The Arts

I may have neglected to mention that my son Seth is an excellent artist. He specifically loves to draw. I have been trying to convince him to take a class, but he doesn't want someone else to tell him how to do it. I keep trying to make him understand the benifits, ahh...perhaps someday he will understand.

He drew this one for Blake to take to the Ozzy concert next month.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ghetto Fabulous

My Relay for Life team has decided to go with Ghetto Fabulous for our group theme this year. Last year we were "team camo", you know...battling cancer and all. Anyhow, camo is easy to find, and others started using it as well. This year will be different. We haven't gotten firm ideas about what to wear because realistically, we will be walking/running for 12 hours, so we have to be comfortable as well as fabulous. The shirts will definitely say: "Ghetto Fabulous" on the front, and "Holla!" on the back. It doesn't take place until June, but awfully fun to think about.

I have always been on a limited budget, but worked as hard as I could to be stylish, you know? It makes a difference outwardly as well as inwardly. Who doesn't feel better when they have confidence in how they look? Things that I miss:

bikini waxing every 5 weeks

buying salon hair products when I run out. not having to substitute for the time being

getting more than 1-2 hair cuts a year because it is too expensive to even consider

buying my coveted clinique makeup whenever I run out and just need more.

I do not complain, because there are more important things in life than having little creature comforts. I am so grateful to be where I am. I just look to the future in hopes of more career opportunities to provide more for myself and my boys.

I may have originally had more to say in the post, but it escapes me at the moment. I am having fun and feeling like the pretty lady I am (omg am I ever conceited!) . My sister once said that I am like a butterfly...who became more beautiful with age.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Nice Family Christmas

Don't they all look happy here? The older boys received A LOT of clothes, so the gift opening was a little more boring than some years. They are reaching that age where they are on the cusp...between toys and other, more expensive gifts. Sidney is still thrilled with just about anything! He cheers for cars, books, and socks. It was a really nice day for all of us.

everyone is smiling and looking in the same direction...

how the heck do you get the plastic off this thing?

The Heros at Home

the most coveted gift of all

Just warming up

Seth and Tyler rockin' out

Sidney in deep concentration

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Really Suck

So here we are with only 2 days left until Christmas. Have I sent out any cards? No. Have I baked any cookies for friends? No. Have I sent the scrapbook to my parents? No again. I feel awful, but things just seem to come at me so quickly. I try to be organized about Christmas, yet I never quite get it all together. To those I love, I am very sorry for my negligence. I do so love and miss you, I just really really suck.

On a high note, all of the presents are wrapped and ready to put under the tree tomorrow night. I don't have the boys on Christmas Eve, but will have them after lunch time on Christmas day. Blake's son will be here for Christmas Eve, and also when my boys come back. We are going to have a nice family dinner with Blake's family. I am sure it will be delicious!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas if I don't post again before Santa comes.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Isn't There a Better Way to Advertise This S**t?

I am the keeper of the e-mail at my small office. Everyone has their own address, but anything addressed to "info@" comes through me. We are on a network and I am not sure what causes it, but we get a great deal of spam mail. I am running a very old system, and can't put the proper filters on to stop them from coming. I never open them, but the subject lines say it all. I actually typed them into an e-mail to send home just so I could share them with you...

Celebrate the new year with an unforgettable night of love. (well that sounds nice, doesn't it?)
Become the man that women desire. (couldn't you just try to be charming?)
Feel more excitement of your girlfriend in the new year. (ohhh! you must have tried something new)
Give your body an unusual upgrade in 2008. (that could mean any number of things, don't you agree?)
Give your wife better stimulation in the year 2008. (something to work on, gentlemen!)
Find the best way to be a sexual champion in 2008. (well, I can give you a few little pointers if you like...)

Now, I can't imagine that you haven't figured out the common denominator in these subjects, but here are some more that certainly clear it up...

Make it longer and more powerful with our pills! (couldn't you just ask your gal for a little assistance?)
Self-pity is not for you! Fight for your male self-perfection! (I didn't think that men obsessed about this sort of thing)
Experience more masculine power in the new year with your bigger penis! (more masculine power?)
Don't miss out! Grow a monster in your pants for the new year! (now this one just kills me...hilarious!)
Turn your wee-wee into a real monster! (hehehe they said wee-wee!)
Your bigger dick will be your best friend now! (well, if that's the only friend you need, I suppose.)

And lastly...
Learn all about safe penis enlargement!

Obviously, the people sending these e-mails to my desktop every morning don't realize that I am a woman, and that I am perfectly satisfied with the one I use now, thanks anyway.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Just Like That Commercial...

It's been a couple of years since it aired, but one of the jewelry stores ran a commercial where a man was proposing in an courtyard near stone buildings...and after she says yes, he declares:

"I love this woman."

then louder...


Then, all the birds fly away as the newly engaged couple watch...the end.

Well, there was no that where you thought this was going? Don't be silly, not yet! Anyhow, we had a picture taken that I absolutely adore. When I look at it, I think...

I Love This Man

Friday, December 07, 2007

Early December Bitch Fest

So... miss princess isn't feeling so merry right now. I get really tense because I'm such a planner, Christmas is so close and I am not ready . Incidentally, I had my last cigarette on October 31 (I will post more on this later). I know I posted last spring about having gone on the patch, but it didn't last. I am feeling very good about it this time. Very.

We are going to a party tomorrow night, and what I would really love is if I didn't have this huge f%#king pimple under my eye. I am so shallow...yes, shame on me. Good thing I know what I'm doing with my hair and have chosen and outfit that is gonna work. Objective for tomorrow afternoon: purchase the correct color of concealer and foundation to cover up this monster. I normally get make-up from Clinque. I always get it during the bonus times because it is very expensive and I love--no, deserve-- the free stuff. I missed this last bonus time by just 2 days. I have actually been letting my skin breathe. I need it tomorrow though--no make-up, no party. I just don't know what brand or tones to get that are a little less expensive. Any brand suggestions? I will write down my colors, of course.

Other December bitches...

The pressure of finding the desired Santa gifts-- if nothing else on that list--for the love god! I almost...almost paid a lot of extra money for a gift I didn't feel confident I would still be able to get next weekend when I complete my shopping. There was a guy selling one here in town for a greatly inflated price for pure profit (he was willing to take a post-dated cheque), but we were able to juggle money and grab one from Wal-mart on sale this week. I feel much better having that solved. I will save the unveiling for Christmas day. Be patient.

It gets very quiet at work. I have a difficult time concentrating all day when it gets so quiet... without the phones ringing madly and the deadlines. I have a great deal of filing work to do, but it's like folding laundry...which I can't stand. Oh yeah, that reminds me! The dryer broke--shut down, not fixable. I know the washer was right behind it the way it danced in the room, so we bit the bullet and got new ones. There is about 12 plus loads done here in a 2 week span for sure. Bad timing is all I can say.

Winter makes me sad. I miss my family (parents, siblings, know) especially when there are fun things going on with the boys. I know they all love us, and I know they are safe. I am blessed, but I wish they were here with us. I especially miss my brother Rodney. We haven't talked for some time and I feel disconnected.

Anyhow, I guess that's all for now. I didn't get a chance to sit at the computer to get into this until late. I had more, but the words aren't there right now. I will post party pictures soon.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Let Me Clear My Throat

Ah-Huh, Ah-Huh, Ah...
The Value Of A Woman
(as said in the Hebrew Talmud)
"Be Very Careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.
The woman came out of a man's rib.
Not from his feet to be walked on.
Not from his head to be superior,
But from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected,
And next to the heart to be loved."
In any relationship I have had with husband/boyfriend--past and present, you know--I have set the same standard, which I later wished I could take back. I am not really a very relaxed person, so I keep busy around the house picking things up, tidying a little area, the usual. Often at the start of the relationship, these tasks are shared between the lovebirds, but slowly the man seems to feel less need to be concerned about chores, as if some little cleaning fairies will take care of everything. Removing oneself from doing these tasks simply piles more onto someone else in the house. As I have gotten older, I have been much more vocal about my feelings in this area. Jobs like that get done so much more quickly with 2 people than just 1. I appreciate it every time I get helped out in that way. Honestly. That's just it, I appreciate it, but don't make it a rule. Have I erred in some irrepairable way? I do realize that there are plenty of men out there who could say the same about their wives/girlfriends. To you, no offense intended.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm a Baker, Not a Magician

So this is how I spend a Friday night...I was getting cereal out for the boys for the morning and thinking about what I might make for dinner tomorrow night then became mesmerised with the notion of making something with the "Holiday Rice Krispies" and I thought..."How the hell are you supposed to get the treats out of the sweet little holiday treats shape makers?" So I looked it up, as you can see. I haven't really looked at the instructions yet, just sending my little thought for today.

By the way, I am making chicken legs in my own blend of sauces served with pasta and perhaps some broccoli.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bean Sprout Cafe

I took Sidney to his cousin Emily's birthday party this past Sunday. It was held at this sweet little cafe. I read the e-mail and carefully followed the map directions, although I have been that way many times, so it wasn't difficult. Sidney asked where the party was and when I told him the name of the spot he was quiet for a moment, then says:

"Mama, that sounds like a girl's place to me."

"Yes Sidney, I can see how you would think that. It does sort of sound girlie, but Emily's a girl."

"But boys are still allowed to go there. It's ok."

"Oh yes! Boys can go there too Bubba. We'll have fun for sure."

I was really impressed with the cafe. What a wonderful little family place. They have a whole play area with a small fence for children to play, which gives a chance for the mamas and daddies to have coffee in relative peace. They had decent rates both for everyday things and parties and they really did a great job. I believe I will find a reason to go there again sometime.

Here are just a couple of pictures that Kelly posted on the facebook...

all smiles

a tilted head for added cuteness

Friday, November 16, 2007

Proud L'il Mama

I have to say a little something about Seth. Since Tyler has come into our lives, and into his, Seth has been so generous with him. He is somewhat materialistic and used to sort of having things his way, so I have been watching intently to see what would happen with another 9 year old around. Now granted, Seth lives here only every other week and Tyler only comes on weekends so they really don't spend a great deal of time together, however, Seth calls his bedroom "our room or mine and Tyler's room" without a second thought. My mom had a boyfriend and when his daughter came to visit I really tried to be nice, but I can remember feeling frustrated with her sometimes. I am so proud of Seth for being so open and sharing with someone. I am so pleased to see that he can so freely share his bunkbeds,space and other possessions. He can be so thoughtful--especially in regards to Tyler. I just wanted to publicly announce that he is a good boy. He tries my patience in areas, but he is good and he is going to be a good man someday.

ah ha! I just found this one while browsing...taken 2 yrs ago

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day. In the 11th month, on the 11th day, in the 11th hour we take time to remember all that our soldiers have done for us as a country. It is an important day that gets less recognition as time passes. Old veterans die, and the significance of the day seems somewhat lost to our youth, unless we teach them and show them that it is still important.

All week, I have been listening to people talk about their upcoming long weekend. Why do people get tomorrow off in lieu? This is not a day that can be substituted for another. It falls on a very specific day for observance. I do not have tomorrow off and it is a scramble for me to find childcare, as school and daycare are closed. Why should people have this extra day? Are they planning another observance ceremony? Likely not. It is just another day that workers feel they should be paid for and receive that extra day to do whatever they want with. If it were any other holiday I would feel differently. Are we showing the proper respect in taking an extra day? In my opinion, NOT AT ALL.

My grandfather, and his brother went overseas to fight for our way of life in World War II. My father spent much of my young life away from home serving in the military. My ex-husband and many of my friends and acquaintances over the years have served in the Canadian Forces. I do respect what they do for me and for my family. I will remember.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Friend In Need

Is a friend indeed...

My wonderful friend Rebecca lost her father yesterday. He died as a result of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He was diagnosed last fall, but he had been feeling unwell for some time before that. Last Christmas morning, Rebecca and her boyfriend got engaged. She has set her date as March 22, 2008. Since she moved into the townhouse next door...oh did I forget to mention?...we have been walking together and talking a lot about the situation. I am going to be one of her "Bride Girls", as they're called on The Rock, so we have been talking about all sorts of details, but mostly about her father's illness. She was determined to have him carried to the hall in his bed if necessary to watch the union and see the cake cut. She just wanted her daddy to be there on her special day.

I am not sure if she will keep the date or not. They are all very close, and Rebecca is the only sibling of 3 living away from their home town. I am wondering if it might be a little too soon. We spoke yesterday evening as she was packing to go home and my goodness, my heart goes out the her. She is so sad. I am grateful that her fiance was able to leave quickly from work and take her home himself. Say a little prayer of comfort if you will please...for her mother also who is feeling quite overwhelmed with grief. I am thankful that Rebecca went home last weekend to see him. It is a comfort that she was able to hug, kiss and tell him she loved him.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Other One is Giving the Peace Sign

I was driving back to work after lunch one day, just thinking and feeling a little overwhelmed with life in general, and I heard this song on the radio. It lifted my spirits and somehow just made my afternoon a little bit happier and easier. Funny how music can do that, isn't it?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Zombies and Venoms and Fish, Oh My!

This was not my halloween with the boys. They went to their father's and had Trick-or Treating with Monica and Jones, as John was away. We did talk when they got home, and Monica sent me these wonderful pictures.

everyone's looking forward

the kick-ass Spidey pose
There are a few more, but these are my favorites. They are going to stay with their dad an extra week as he will be away for a while after that. Then, I will get them for 2 weeks...whooo hooo!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How's That Zest Tasting?

According to Sidney, very spicy. That is the word he uses to describe a flavor he is unfamiliar with. Yesterday we had a bit of a ruff day with him. He ended up in the corner 3 times, and when he wouldn't stop screaming at the top of his lungs, he got a BIG taste of Zest Soap in his mouth. Sometimes being loud and sassy just doesn't pay.

I had to laugh a little after it was all said and done because he kept saying "the taste is still in my mouth!". I said, "well, I am not sure how long it will take to go away, just eat those oranges and it might help a bit."

Sometimes I feel like the meanest mama on earth, but I just can't let them run me over, you know? I somehow think that the threat of soap in his mouth may just prevent a similar outburst in the future.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Twins

So, Tyler (Blake's son) comes over almost every weekend to stay with us. Before school started, he was able to come on some weeknights as well, but living in a different school district and city makes it logistically inconvenient. Homework must come first, you know.

Seth and Tyler are exactly 6 months apart in age, and enjoy many of the same pass times. They love calling themselves "brothers" and say that they are "twins". They say they have so much in common it is CREEPY! I am so happy that they get along so well. Sidney does get left out a little because the age gap is so great. He loves Tyler so much and gets very excited every time he arrives to visit. Although it is a big transition and can sometimes be stressful to have such a diverse little family, we are enjoying it very much. Blake is so thrilled to have an active roll in his son's life.

It is amazing to me to find myself in the roll of a "stepmother". Who knew that would happen? What an incredible series of events we have gone through over the past several months.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Can't Even Help Myself...I Must Look!

I look over my blog entries quite frequently. As I give the link to various facebook friends, I look again to see if anyone has left a comment. I become more sure of myself in writing, yet when I see no comments, the irrational part of my brain says that not many people are reading it. That may well be the case, and even still I love to write my posts and tell my little tales. It has been an interesting experience over the past year, just allowing myself to say what I want and to let my family and friends into my everyday life even though they are far away.

Now we get to obsessive know where it says "view my complete profile"? Well, I look occasionally to see if the number on my profile page has changed to determine if anyone is looking at it. I swear, at least a third of the number is ME looking at my own profile! What is that? I suppose it's because I am really beginning to enjoy it more and I want people to see it, and let me know what they think also. I have sent the link to some of my closest friends, and they say..."Oh yeah, I meant to look at that", or "I did look at it once, and it reads like you talk". For a while, I didn't feel like writing because I didn't feel like it was important or interesting enough for people to read, but after reading some other blogs, I realized that it doesn't really matter at all. Everyone is different and unique. I am pleased with myself just for making the commitment to write on a regular basis. I am loosening up and keeping in mind that just because people don't make comments doesn't mean that they don't read it, and even if only a handful of people do, I am glad that to have them in my little world. So thank you!

Obsess much, ya think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Is The End...

I received something in the mail today that I have been expecting for about a month. Just a small envelope (preceded by a larger one full of documents) containing a single page. My marriage, which was solemnized on the 10th day of August, was dissolved by a judgment which became effective on the 11th day of October. We were legally married 11 years but have been living apart for the last 3, split for the last 4. I do not take this lightly. Marriage is not a joke. It is one of the most difficult jobs a person will have and it requires so much and will certainly be very trying. It can be so much more when there is respect and understanding. ..

I am very happy to have this piece of paper. It has been a very long time coming, and so much has happened in the last 4 years. We do our best to raise our children in this situation and we are so much happier this way.

Oh! And by the way...Blake is no longer dating a married chick :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Power of 10

My big boy Seth is an entire decade old today. He says, "Mom, I am going to be a tween!". Now I am really left wondering how 10 years could possibly have gone that quickly. Being honest, makes me feel a little old. That's ok, though. It is the nature of life. The normal course of action, we just don't feel age come upon us for the most part. You are only as old as you feel, so they say...

Seth had 3 friends stay over on Friday night. I prudently decided to ask their father if Sidney could stay there for the night so that Seth and his friends could have my undivided attention. They don't want to play with him because, he's too little, of course. He ends up crying and with hurt feelings. He came over with Dad and Monica yesterday for pizza and cake, then off to the arcade. A good time was had by all.

I now see before me a big boy...coming closer to the teenage stage with every passing day. All we can do is teach him right from wrong and pray that he makes positive choices with his peers. He is still (as of now) a child that will hug and kiss me goodbye when I drop him off...preferably outside, thank you very much, but I still get them. I know that over this next couple of years he may start to think of me as an embarrassment, but I will enjoy every last ounce of cuddle time until that sad day arrives.

Happy Birthday, Seth! You are a wonderful, intelligent, strong boy who will become a man before I blink twice, it seems. I love you and am always grateful that I was chosen to carry you and raise you.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Giving Thanks

Today I am thankful for many things.

I am thankful for my children. I am grateful that they have no health concerns and that they are able to live happy, active lives.

I am thankful for Blake. I am happy that he understands me so well and is able to make me feel better when I am downhearted. Thankful also that we have chosen a life together.

I am thankful for my family and the support that they offer me as I raise my boys and live my life.

I am thankful for my friends. For their roles in my life and for the love that they share with me.

I am thankful that I am able to live in a house instead of an apartment so that we can enjoy a yard of our own and more than one level inside...even if it is only a rental.

I am thankful that I have had the experiences in life that I have because I feel it makes me a stronger, more capable person.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Most Shocking Behavior

I heard something on a news brief while driving to work this morning that I thought about through the day. Three girls (ages 14,15 and 18) tortured another girl (age 18) and beat her almost to death for giving information to the police. They took a short break at one point and she was finally able to run away...surely saving her life. does this happen to such young women? How does this happen to anyone? What drove them not only to seriously damage and brutally torture another human being, but also risk their own free lives in exchange? I can't understand it.

I have strong opinions about this young offenders act. It's such a mask/ curtain for these offenders who are getting younger and younger it seems. Where is the accountability for action? What are the consequences in the end? A slap on the wrist and an ability to maintain anonymity? I would love to have an e-mail chat with a certain retired cop I know, just to get a feel for how things have moved in this direction from that perspective.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Beautiful Rustic Wedding--Adair Style

This past Saturday, I attended Adair and Mark's wedding held at the beautiful Mountain Gap Inn and Resorts in Digby, Nova Scotia. In an old-fashioned wooden chapel high on a hill, we all watched as they exchanged the vows they had written for one another. Cool breeze filtered through the partially enclosed church, adding an element of past could close your eyes and imagine weddings from years past, quaint little religious ceremonies held in that very spot. Of course, these thoughts were more of my own imagining than reality perhaps. I don't even know how long that chapel has been standing, but it sort of had an 1800's feel to it, I think.

Of all my female friends, Adair has the most "earthy" quality. She loves the outdoors, and all things natural. She is also the very BEST planner of events. She made cupcakes instead of wedding cake (decorated differently with white/chocolate cake for personal preference). Each family was given a maple tree to plant at their homes, and beautiful name cards at each place setting with special quotes on the inside. Because the wedding and reception were held at the same place, there was a chance to just relax and have a drink or two while the new bride and groom (along with their entourage) had pictures taken. I would have liked to take more pictures, but it was so hard to get a good shot as everyone else had the same idea.

All I kept thinking about while watching my lovely friend all evening was how typically "Adair" everything was. You did a beautiful job, my friend. It is a day we will surely not forget. Congratulations on your marriage...many happy years to follow I am sure. Owen is a lucky boy indeed to have such a loving, caring stepmother in his life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

And It Slipped Through My Fingers

I applied for this random job that I saw online. It is in the construction industry, and I figured...what the hell, I can do this. See, I am not a great fan of change. I like when things stay the same, however, I would like to provide more so I do occasionally have a peek. I am a loyal employee. I feel that little guilty feeling when I call in sick...even when I really and truly feel like death is upon me (ok, so a little exaggeration there). I sort of felt bad even applying, but when it comes right down to it, I have to look out for me because I am the only one who can do it.

I got a call the day after I dropped by with my resume. I felt great even having received a call, really. I have applied for things over the last 3 years or so, but no takers. I don't even care I am going to say it! Looking for work is so intimidating, don't you think? I mean, it's different for me right now because I have a full time job that works well for my boys. I have nothing to lose by trying, but still a little on the scary side. Anyhow, I had an interview late last week. It went very well and we got along splendidly. I received another call and had yet another interview with the out of town boss. He was very nice and we got on well (does that sound somehow dirty how I said that? that's not what I mean, come on!) . The local partner and man in charge where I was applying came in for some of the interview. Sort of a "getting to know you" time if you will. Anyhow, it went very well, but you just never know what the other applicants have. That is what happened in this case. It just wasn't meant to be right now I guess. Tasted good though...salary, 3 weeks paid vacation, allowance for sick days (within reason, of course) and many government holidays off as well. It is good to dream. This experience has built confidence within me to get out there and sell my skills.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Little Life Lesson #2

There was a sports field near my apartment building growing up. We used to cut through it sometimes going from one friend's place to home. Anyhow, someone once told us (a slightly older friend I believe) not to walk through the field alone because we might get "RAKED" to death. Hmmmmm...I remember just pondering that for a it would feel to have someone run a rake down my body...ewwww. I couldn't really understand why someone would do that at all.

Of course these years later, I understand what the real danger was. Neither, in my opinion, sounds more horrible than the other. It certainly did keep us from cutting through the field.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Blake won tickets to the Billy Talent concert here in town tomorrow. He called into the radio station with his "talent". He does impersonations...Borat, the Crocodile Hunter, various farm animals...don't ask, it's just what he does for entertainment. He is hilarious and it has paid off for him. I didn't actually hear him on the radio, but my co-workers did. He told them he could do farm animals and proceeded to do a few as they requested specific ones. There was a message on the answering machine today telling him that he was also the grand prize winner of backstage passes and a chance to hang with Billy Talent! Isn't that something?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've Fallen And Can Barely Get Up

I am clumsy. If there is a table, chair or some other hard object handy, I will bang into it. If there is a curb or crack in the sidewalk to trip over, I'll do it. I accept this because I really have no other choice. I am "an accident waiting to happen".

2 weekends ago Blake and I were taking down the remainder of the hideous border that had to be scraped from the wall too high to reach on a chair. He took one look at the latter I was going to climb up and opted to scrape it himself and not risk watching me fall down. Wasn't that nice of him? Anyhow, he was scraping and I was wetting the sponge and passing it up and down, also washing walls behind him. We had finally reached the last wall and I went partway down the stairs to pick some of the wet paper off of them. That's when the day went to hell...I slipped and fell down the stairs. I took most of my weight on my left wrist (incidentally I am left-handed) and my left butt cheek. I sort of hobbled into the bedroom to lay down or something...didn't quite know what while Blake is yelling..."What happened?" I just said "I fell down the stairs, just gimme a minute."

I had planned on washing the rest of the wall, then the floors and onto bathrooms...nothing else got done that day. I was definitely done. I went for an x-ray on Thursday as my wrist was (and still is) very tender and sore. Luckily, no broken bones just some badly stretched tendons and bruising.

So...this past weekend we were in Canaan at my cousin's cottage and I banged my leg getting out of the speedboat--OUCH! I have the nastiest, ugliest bruise on my right knee. Lovely! Ah well, such is the life of Corinna. Blake said "Man, everyone is going to think I beat you!". Well, not anyone who knows me well. They all know I can do it to myself without any help.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Beautiful Mother

age 23

age 26

age 35

This One's For You Frankie

I recently aquired a picture scanner and am enjoying it very much. Just wanted to display a great old picture I found of my mother and my guardian dad taken on Boxing Day of 1975...

not quite straight, give me time

Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Gift Idea

FYI: I am not a very crafty lady. It has taken me an entire year to create a scrapbook for my step-mother which I still haven't sent to her. One thing I did learn how to make years ago, though, is a diaper cake. I have made several of them over the years. Mostly for co-workers having babies. It can be difficult to choose baby gifts, and this one is ultra practical although it can get very expensive. I usually do it for someone when I have collected money from a few people. To make a really good one it will cost about $125 at least.

This is what you do:

Go to a store that has all the small baby items you can find. Little travel packs of diaper cream, bath lotions, shampoo. Receiving blankets and face clothes are great because they are generally already rolled up. Any small item will work. Nail care sets, small toys...I will explain why and show you how it looks. Make sure you get a stuffy of some sort to go on top.

Take some size 1 diapers in stacks of 4-5 and set them on their sides creating a small diamond/square shape. Fill in the center and add more diapers on the corners creating almost a round shape. Add more using the same method until you have a large circle. You will need almost a full mega-pack for this layer and another half for the second. Have someone hold the shape and cut some ribbon. Loop it around the circle and pull tightly to tie in a knot. Be very careful at this point because if you pull too tightly, the ribbon will ride up on one side and the layer will fall apart causing some frustration (yes, I know this from experience). Make a smaller circle to go on top.

Make sure you stack the layers so that there are a few diapers on the bottom layer exposed. It will look like a tiered wedding cake. Start putting small gifts in the cracks. The blankets work nicely in those hollow spots that are inevitable. Now I will give you a visual...

this shows all the little things before it was wrapped

a little closer

Now, I should have said this earlier, but make a cardboard cut the same size as the bottom layer (before you put anything on it, set the bottom layer on the cardboard to trace). Place it under the whole thing as you create. Look for some baby oriented clear cellophane or a solid color that is clear or light will do as well. You'll probably need 2 rolls. They are never wide enough it seems, so you have to set the first roll down, then the second over it perpendicular to the first creating a square center to put the cake on--cardboard and all. Bring the inner layer up around and see how much you have left as you will make a neck with ribbon strands when it is ready. Pull the other roll up around. You will have to mess with it a bit to cover the entire cake (depending on the width, of course). This is how it looks when I present it to the new parents...

See what I mean about the size the the wrap?

I had a friend show me how it to these while I was pregnant with Seth. I always thought it was a unique and thoughtful gift.


So one of my co-workers got married in July. He and his wife have been together for 13 years, are both in their 30's and are so happy together. He said this morning that tonight is "love night". He has mentioned it before, so we (Diana and I) pressed for details...

"What does love night entail?"

"We make a "love nest", which is a futon on the living room floor, then we lay together and just talk or read books and discuss them...and so on."

We were saying "Aw Greg, that is romantic"

How wonderful and sweet is that? Everyone has their own ways of spending time together. Greg and his wife don't have cable and don't really watch a lot of movies or television. This really does give them more opportunity to talk and spend time. What a great idea. Makes me happy to see them so happy together after 13 years.

There is definately something to be said for too much technoloy. We have so much going on around us that we sometimes neglect the little moments in time with loved ones. This couple makes a point of clearing time for love night...that is a romantic gesture in itself.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Boy's Birthday

blowing out the candle


getting ready for the guests

Friday, August 17, 2007

He's a Senior Now

My baby is turning 4 tomorrow. MY BABY IS TURNING 4 TOMORROW! How did the time go so very quickly? It seems to me that since having children, the months--even years seem to just fly.

Sidney has been elevated to the "senior room" in daycare. There, he will learn many skills that will aid him a year from now when he starts school. They have a great program called "School Readiness". Having had Seth in the same daycare, I am aware of how much work these ladies put into the program to prepare our children. Sidney is feeling so proud and so big just now. He is in a booster seat instead of his old car seat, he is making some new friends in the class. I remind him, though, that his "junior" friends will move up before long--so don't forget about them.

We are having a kiddie pool/slip 'n slide party in the backyard tomorrow. Sidney put in a special request that I invite Daddy, Monica and Jo-Jo (baby Jones) to the party. Consequently, I have been just a little on edge this week--as Big Brother 8 contestant Joe would say..."AWKWARD!!!". I realize it's a bit silly, but I have never actually had them in my home before. It's all good because it's my turf and it makes it infinitely easier when I have my own support system. No longer me and them, but us and them...more balance, see?

I am so excited for the children to arrive. I am picking up Midge and her daughter when I go to get the cake in the morning so she can help me decorate and stuff. I will post some pictures on Sunday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flipping the Bird

Seth: "Mom, I know what you do when you're driving on the highway and someone cuts you off."

Me: "Oh Yeah? What's that?"

Seth: "You give the middle finger as they're driving by."

Me: "Who said that?"

Seth: "Well, that's what Dad did on the way to Ontario."

and in an unrelated conversation...

Seth: "Do you know what would make this Stone Cold Steve Austin action figure better? If it had 'middle finger action'."

And I gotta laugh...just not so he can hear me...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Princess Diaries

I sometimes call myself "Princess Corinna". It started years ago during an evening of drinking with friends. My friend Tammie and I were walking around with little plastic tiarras on our heads and pretending that we got our own ways...when really, we didn't. Not a princess in the stereo-typical "Jewish Princess" sense, as I do not expect, nor do I receive all the material things I want. It is about attitude. I do not demand nor expect an abundance of "things" to make me happy, however, I do expect a lot of respect, love and affection. If I do not receive these things, I feel cranky and unappreciated.

This morning after the alarm clock went off, I stayed in bed and asked for a cuddle. He responded by saying that he was freezing and didn't move. I perceived it as him being too lazy to turn over and hug me, so I flicked him in the head and got out of bed to prepare for work. Yeah, I know...what a bitch! I don't like when things start to change and become overly comfortable. There should always be time in our lives to show love to one another. The longer you are together, the harder it becomes. You know that person will be there later, so you don't try as hard. Gentlemen, this is a wake up call. Do not ignore the signs when your lady wants some attention. We will be like tame little kittens if you do this for us.

The older I get, the more demanding I get. The more I expect to receive what I want and need. I am most excellent at compromise, unless my needs suffer. I will have no more of that, thank you very much.

I am sorry, babe, that I reacted that way...just so you know.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mean, Wild and Far Away

Have you ever been singing at the top of your lungs to a song you think you know the words to, but really don't? Such an embarrassment to be caught...

Growing up, I was introduced to a wide variety of music. My Mom's boyfriend Brian had a HUGE record collection and the stereo was on much more than the television. I could write posts for days just on musical tastes and artists that I love and why, in fact, I may just do that from time to time. As a young adult, I packed my things and moved across the country into my brother's place where I got another fabulous dose of musical variety. We would sit for hours having a good old fashioned Nova Scotia style KITCHEN PARTY, discussing artists and where we first heard them. Being 4 years older, he had a better recollection of the artist's names and album titles. He has collected well over 300 cd's over the years.

One group that stands out to me is The Moody Blues. It's nice background music, but also very nostalgic. There is a song titled "Meanwhile and Far Away" that I have always loved. Funny thing is, until I was 20 years old, I thought it was called "Mean, Wild and Far Away". I had been singing it that way since I first heard it. Thought of that and it made me giggle.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dad, I'm Here!

Those are the first words Blake heard from Tyler in person. Probably the sweetest words he has ever heard. From the sound of things, we will be able to see him pretty regularly.

Monday, July 30, 2007

So Long Mr. Snail

There is a 32 gallon fish tank sitting in the corner of my diningroom. I hadn't quite realized how much I would enjoy watching fish, but it really is nice. My favorite is the snail. I like to look for him because he is sometimes crafty and hides. We tried to find the hiding spot for a while and finally discovered he was just able to drag and all into the little castle. He also bobs from the bottom to the top of the tank, or you can catch him all stretched out going for a little walk on the rocks.

Sunday morning when we got up, all that was left of Mr. Snail was his hollow shell. To make matters worse, his pad was stuck to the filter. We are not sure if he got sick and died, then got eaten, or if he just got eaten. I was actually a little dismayed, I must admit! Personally, I think it was the big ugly Pleco. I think he just ate him up...the big meanie!

Rest in Peace, Mr. Snail

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Glasser Lecture

This is a small newspaper article that I wrote during college...

The Glasser Lecture: My Perspective

I had never heard of William Glasser or his Choice Theory before orientation week in September. As Karen Leeuwin told us about it, I felt that it was a highly stimulating theory and that it would be beneficial for me to attend his conference. I was so pleased and enthusiastic when I became aware that I was, indeed, able to attend.

William Glasser is a very intelligent and knowledgeable man. some of his ideas and theories piqued my interest and curiosity, but others made me a little frustrated, even angry. His concept of a "Quality World" was quite interesting. He stated that everyone needs certain elements, such as love and belonging, power, freedom and fun, in order to live a happy and satisfying life. with this, I can agree. If our space in being invaded in a negative manner, our natural tendency is to block it out, or as Dr. Glasser states, "take them out of our 'Quality World'." I have read many books in the self-help department, and I have seen this information presented in one form or another before. On the downside, I find Dr. Glasser to be a very opinionated individual. His beliefs and opinions are so strong that he simply feels that his "Choice Theory" is the only logical solution to many long-standing world problems. In theory, I agree that his ideas would really help, but I feel that without the assistance of teachers, school boards, employers and any individual we come in contact with, it isn't entirely viable.

As for the conference itself, please locate some more comfortable chairs. It is very difficult to concentrate on the subject at hand when our back-ends are falling asleep. All in all, it was not exactly what I had expected. I probably wouldn't recommend it to a friend. Dr William Glasser, as and individual, will definitely not be in my "Quality World".

Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Well then I have to clean it up, it's only fair.

Let's get ready for the 10 SECOND TIDY!

Ah, if only all life's messes could be cleaned up so quickly and easily. I was driving in the car this morning, just thinking about the boys and the decisions I have made that effect their lives. I have often thought of writing a little about my own perspective on my divorce but I feel it will be better in parts, rather than one long post.

In my particular situation, the decision to split was mutual. We had both been feeling unhappy for so long that we didn't treat one another kindly. I feel I need to say right now that although some of the events were completely out of my control, I take FULL responsibility for my own actions and words. It is difficult and takes a long time to see things that way because initially it is always easier to say that the other party was the cause of contention (not that I was going around blaming him but...sometimes what we think matters too). I believe that our own personal experiences as we grow (what we see and hear) shape the way we connect and interact with others, particularly in a relationship. When I noticed that the words we spoke were becoming angrier and less compassionate, I knew that if something didn't change, I would not be able to live a happy life with him. I had seen "unhappy" growing up and simply refused to allow my own children to grow up that way. I don't want them to hear negative, disrespectful words. I don't want them to think that it is normal or right to talk that way. Did we do everything we could to make it work? We did all we knew to do. It is too late for regrets and I never had any to begin with, aside from the obvious reasons to remain (children, house, established life).

So what can I do now to improve my life? Think before I speak, be sensitive to the needs of my partner, and SPEAK MY MIND!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Gay Friend's Wedding

One of my best women friends, Brenda, married her long-time partner Linda in a small ceremony in Halifax this past Friday night. I had the honor of standing next to her and being a witness of the union. The Justice of the Peace gave a lovely service, and the ladies wrote their own vows to one another. When she originally approached me about standing for her, she said it would just be she and Linda, me and another witness. I was a little surprised that she didn't want to include more family and friends, but she just wanted it to be small and then have a party later. I was so pleased when she called 3 weeks ago to say that they had invited their families and a few friends. It really was a very unique and touching night. I have met her parents and siblings many times over the years, so it was wonderful to spend time with them. It was also nice to meet Linda's family, and all their friends. I could clearly see the love and support of each person in attendance.

I thank you, Brenda, for always being such a great friend to me and for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I couldn't be happier for you.

Adrian, Linda, The JP, Brenda and Me

The First Kiss

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mid July Already

Wow! This month is going so quickly. The boys ended up staying a few extra days with Blake and I before going on vacation, so we had an awesome double sleepover and they were here for my birthday as well. Now they are gone for a little over 2 weeks, and we have already begun washing walls and rearranging things. I enjoy that sense of accomplishment around the house. Here are some pictures of the boys having fun in the pool...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tyler and Blake

The big reunion is on the way. As I was saying in "my heart...", Blake found his child's mother after many years. There has been a lot of e-mailing back and forth...initially between she and Blake, but Michelle and I write as well now. We are getting to know one another as mothers, and looking forward to seeing this special event. There is just so much to it... so much happening. They are moving here to HRM. Blake and Tyler are going to have a relationship! Yay for both of them! They chat on the telephone every evening, discussing daily events and 9 year old passions. He will be here in approximately 1 more month. To Blake, it certainly feels like an eternity, but Michelle will arrive first to settle in and I think it will be nice for the 2 of them to talk about things, become acquainted as parents with a common goal. They will do just fine, I am sure.

My boys are going on vacation to Ontario with their father and family, so while they are away, and before Tyler arrives, Blake and I are going to paint the boys' bedrooms. Seems like a nice time to prepare and surprise them with something new and fun. I have just another week with them before they leave. Ahhh summer activity! So busy and so much fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Tiara Is Off To You, My Friends

I want to say a very special thank you to all my wonderful lady friends just for being you! You have all helped me, stood by me and loved me. have always been just as sensitive as I am. We pay attention to how often we talk... we have such wonderful conversations and share so much. You have helped me feel so much better about Monica's role in the boys lives. While I have always accepted it, you eased it with your stepmother experience. You love my boys, and they love you very much. are so much fun, and so independent. I have learned much from you, girl! We share so much as women and enjoy many pastimes together. You are extremely loyal and accepting.

Brenda...I love that we spent time through our year at college, but I love more that we still keep in touch. We have shared many emotions together. From the beginning of our friendship we connected and had a great comfort level. We have spent periods without talking (just cause life sometimes gets in the way) but it always feels so good to hear your cheery and kind.

Adair...our friendship has spanned many years. We have always updated by phone if we couldn't get together. We can still laugh at the silly things we have done over the years. You are so thoughtful and kindhearted. You also give the most practical advice! think we have known one another since your birth, yet we didn't really know one another until adulthood! I am thankful everyday to have you in my life. You are not only my family, but a truly special friend. I am lost for words to describe...

Midge...the newest addition to my special friends list. We share a deep motherhood bond which allows us to share feelings about our children very freely. So strong, determined and persevering. You inspire me.

Eve...although you are very far away, I feel very close to you through your blog. It has always made me feel so good to read about your life and family. You are so generous, loving and supportive. I miss you, my sister. The Popsicle kids rule!!!

I have many other friends who deserve a tiara tip and I love you all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why do I Relay?

I Relay for my Mother, Audrey Snooks...and for all my friends and family who have been touched by cancer.

I participated in the Relay For Life this past Friday. It is a 12 hour relay with teams of 10. Someone from each team is to be walking at all times for the duration. It was a very emotionally moving experience. For those of you who are not sure what the hell I am talking about, it is a relay to raise money for cancer research. A cause near and dear to my heart. I am so thrilled to have been a part of such a wonderful event, and will definately do it again next June.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I added the "honesty box" feature to my facebook. This means that people can type in an anonymous opinion about me that only I can view when I log in. Blue writing indicates that it is a man, and red for a woman. As I clicked to add it, I knew it could be a good thing or a bad thing. Time will tell.

The first comment I received was 100% true, but still unpleasant to see in all it's bold red glory. It said: "you are stressed out and high-strung". I have to agree, I am both of those things. I mentioned it to Tracy, and she added one to make me feel better. It said: "you are a hot mamma". Thanks too! The third had no color, but I know who wrote it as well. It said that I take things to heart (not always a bad thing) and that I am one of the best friends a person could have. Thank you Diana, cause I know it was you. It can be bittersweet to have a means of getting real opinions from people you know. Because it is anonymous, they can say whatever they want. I will wait and see what else comes out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Brothers Proud

Here they are in all their big brother glory!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Company with Benifits

My cousin Vanessa and her husband Pierre came to visit on Friday night. She and I are the same age and grew up knowing one another. Pierre grew up in the house 2 doors down from my grandparents, so same with him. Pierre just happens to be a fisherman.

I spoke with Vanessa a few days before to discuss what we would have for supper. She said, does Blake like seafood? Hell yeah! She brought fresh fish, scallops and lobster to make a seafood chowder. I really didn't aquire a taste for shellfish until I was an adult, but it was around from time to time as my mother grew up in a small fishing villiage.

What a wonderful meal we had. What a wonderful visit as well. They left their children with Vanessa's parents, and my boys were with their father, so we just talked and ate and enjoyed. There was more to come on Saturday morning with lobster, eggs and scallops! What could be better? First time having something like that for breakfast.

Thank you, Vanessa for the delicious meals. It was great to have you over. We will do it again sometime!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pure Sweetness

Just wanted to share with you a moment in my day that I really love.

Part of my bedtime routine includes taking off my beautiful necklace and hanging it on the lampshade so that I don't twist it when I sleep. Every night, as I do this...move my hair aside and raise my arms...Blake watches and smiles at me. Sometimes I only catch it in the peripheral, but I know he's doing it.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Is 6 Horsepower really neccessary?

Up until last summer when I started renting my little townhouse, I had never mowed a lawn before. Many years ago, my ex and I purchased a lawnmower at the Sears appliance store. It had been returned by an older gentleman who (bless his soul) just couldn't keep up with a 6 Horsepower self-propelled lawnmower. It's only every younger man's dream mower, and we got it at a bargain price! Shortly thereafter, I tried to use it--once! Man, it scared the hell out of me, honestly! I was practically chasing the thing.

For all the summers he was away and I was on my own with Seth, and then the 2 boys, I never once had to use that mower. A friend's husband, and neighbour, my friend Jodie's son...someone always got it for me. Princess? Yep, that's me.

A friend pointed out to me when I moved here that I would need to mow my lawn. Much to my horror, I found myself purchasing an electric lawnmower at Wal-mart. It's a start, all right? Mission successful, I mowed the grass all by myself last summer . Did both the front and backyards today, as a matter of fact. psst! Blake does it most of the time now though--hehe--lucky me!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't Push Me...

Have you ever heard of "Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five"? They are a huge 70's rap group. Anyhow, their song "The Edge" is still very well known. A few months back I heard (for the first time) a great sampler of it in a Shaun Desmond song called "Get Ready". I think most would know it from Happy Feet. If you have young children, you have probably seen it a time or 50. Sidney was home sick on Tuesday and we watched it again. My favorite part was when Mumble, Gloria and the other penguin children are having their first singing lessons with Miss Voila. It goes like this...

Miss Voila: "Does anybody have a heart song to share?"

Seymour: "Oohh pick me, pick me!"

Seymour: "Don't push me cause I am close to the edge...I am trying not to loose my head." accompanied with a little rap beat, of course...

Miss Voila: "Yes, I like that one, I could really get jiggy with that!"

Makes me laugh out loud every time I see that!