Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh The Drama!

Sidney is a very dramatic little guy. He lets everyone know just exactly how he feels at any given time in the loudest, whiniest voice possible.

He was sitting in his "thinking chair" in the corner of the livingroom the other night. He sits there when he has misbehaved so that he can think about what got him in trouble, see? Anyhow, he's sitting there all squirmy and whatnot waiting for his unbearably long 5 minutes to be over, and he says:

"I think you guys (meaning Blake and I) don't love me anymore. I don't want to sit in the corner"
then, "I think you just like yelling at me"

I try not to speak to him at all during the time out because he will just continue to cry and carry on if you pay attention, so I let it go. Then he says:

"I'm thirsty!" waits a few seconds, then "I'm so thirsty Blake." no response from anyone..."See, I told you! You don't love me, you wouldn't get me a drink!"

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sidney the Cutie

We made a little fort on the loveseat for Sidney last night. He tucked himself in there and started playing with a little was sooo adorable that I got out the camera!


As I said before, I was having trouble posting pictures for a while. I figured it out, and wanted to show you this one. I just like it.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Because We Love Meachother

Sidney: "Do you love me Mama?"

Me: "Yes, I love you very much Sidney."

Sidney: "Do you love Seth too?"

Me: "Of course I do. I love you both so much."

Sidney: "That's because we all love meachother, Mama."

Happy 3rd Birthday Piper!

My apologies to my sister Eve--sorry for not calling for Pipa's birthday! I was so happy to look at the pics you posted for the occasion. The song "Yellow" was lovely as well. I have many photos saved of your first little miss pinky and her back-up singer/dancer sistas as well.

It is so hard to believe that Piper is already 3 years old! Such a little lady. I look forward to the day that she can hang out with her cousin Sidney. They will have so much fun. I hope your celebration was a fun one Piper! Much love from your auntie Cori in Nova Scotia. I look at the handprint outline you drew for me in June every day.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bad Habits and Resolutions

I have a lot of bad habits. I love beer on the weekends, and occasionally on a weeknight--depending on what's going on. I love smoking, yeah, I said it! I realize it is a super nasty habit and yet I struggle.

I don't like making New Year's Resolutions. I prefer to review my past year, and set goals for the new one. This year my goal is to begin a regular exercise routine again. I did it several years ago and maintained it until I was about 5 1/2 months along with Sidney. I loved it! Here I am again--5 years later...I have been steady at it for the last 3 weeks. Feels really good. I try and do it as soon as I get home from work, or right after supper if the boys are here. Sidney wants to do it with me. I tell him he can, only to stay far enough that I don't kick him or something. It's working out very nicely. The greatest part is that it encourages me to cut down/quit smoking. I did this before and I can do it again. I am not setting a specific date, but I am gonna do it. This is the year.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Closet Bitch

I have been thinking about this post for some time now. I have always been the nice girl...the compliant one. I have grown and learned from my experiences that I have to assert myself at times. It is very important to my personal growth.

Adair gave me a book to read that she thought I would find interesting. It is called: "WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES From Doormat to Dreamgirl--A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship". I did, in fact, find in very interesting. Mostly because I was pleased to discover that I do hold my own in a lot of ways. I let my own conscience and instinct be my guide, however, there are times where I will put the needs and feelings of others before my own.

I have discovered (even before reading this book) that I have grown somewhat cynical in business, and more guarded with people than I used to be. I allow myself to form opinions and am beginning to accept that my feelings for others aren't always going to be nice. I can be a BITCH. There, I said it!

I get what I want. I say it like that because it is the truth. It may take time and sacrifice, but in the end, if there is something I really want, I get it. I feel stronger and more independant than ever. I am currently in a great relationship, but feel like it is all the better because I am certain that if something went horribly wrong I would bounce back and take care of business. I am learning more and more about myself as time goes by.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Longer M.I.A.

To all concerned family members and friends: I AM FINE!

Frank wrote me an e-mail and said: "Just checking in, haven't heard from you or seen a blog entry in a while. You seem a little distant--everything ok?"

Kelly caught me on msn and said: "Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while--everything ok?"

Rebecca called and said: "I haven't talked to you all week!" "What's up?"

The funny thing is that I used to spend A LOT of time alone. I used to call my girls every day, or just about. I used to sit for a bit and chat online or do housework while on the phone, you know. My friend Brenda has been over for a couple of days visiting from out of town and I talked to her about it. She said: "Well Cori! You're just happy!"

I really had to give that some thought. I have certainly not been unavailable to my friends however, I have not been initiating contact as much. I have been doing some deep thinking, but not negative thinking. I realized--ready for this?--I actually do feel genuinely happy. I am always a happy sort of person, but I have found a new reason to rejoice. I seem to have found myself a real live partner. Someone who wants to be a part of my everyday life. Someone who actually adds luster and offers assistance. He likes to go where I go, and be where I am. We spend time apart, but more often than not we are together. My children love love love him too! Bare with me a little longer while I absorb all of this peace an harmony. I love you all, and I am always around if you want to talk. Don't be shy--call me!