Friday, December 08, 2006

A Bedtime Story

I Love You So...

"I love you."
"How much?"
"SO much."
"How much is so?"
"Way, Way MORE than you know..."

I love you as BRILLIANT as each sparkling star,
and as WAY OUT as space, I love you that far.

I love you as GIGANTIC as a great lion's roar,
and as DEEP as the ocean, I love you MUCH more.

"That is a lot," you say, "but HOW did it start"
WHERE did love come from to be in you heart?"

YOU put it there, really, when you and I met.
And I knew for certain WITHOUT you I'd fret.

From MY HEAD to my TOES, I was feeling inside
a devotion to you SO DEEP and SO WIDE.

And now it's ENORMOUS and wonderfully real
and hard to describe HOW MUCH I feel!

I love you as AWESOME as a thunder sky,
and as SOARING as mountains, I love you THAT high.

I love you as SILLY as a puppy dog's kiss,
and as QUIET as midnight, I love you like THIS.

"Do you love me EVERY day?" you ask with doubting awe,
"or does love go UP 'N DOWN like a teetering see saw?"

I love you as STEADY as the earth rounds the sun,
thought SOME days of life, are the FARTHEST from fun.

"Like when you feel MAD?" you ask with distress,
"'cause I've BROKEN the rules or made a BIG mess?
Or , when I'm UNKIND, and your feelings are BLUE,
do you love me ALTHOUGH I do what I do?"

I love you being NICE, and when you're CRANKY, too.
I love you without liking the NAUGHTY things you do.

My 'love you' DOESN'T change like the temper of the days.
It's a CERTAIN kind of thing in many DIFFERENT ways.

You're my SWEETIE, my dear, my SMILE and laughter.
You're my PLAYMATE for always, and my JOY ever after.

Hanging out WITH YOU is where I want to be...
eating ice cream sundaes or watching the TV.

UNDER you umbrella, behind you on a bike
By you and BESIDE you is what I REALLY like.

"Do you love me just AS MUCH when I'm FAR away from home?
Is your loving still THE SAME in distant lands I roam?"

I love you NEAR or FAR. I love you HIGH or LOW.
My love is there with you WHEREVER you may go.

"Even when I'm SICK...and I can't get out of bed?
Do you love me better HEALTHY than with fever in my head?"

I CAN'T IMAGINE life before YOU came along...
me there singing senseless, no MEANING to my song.

Call it MEANT TO BE or simply blessed fate,
you fill my heart WITH LOVE and for that I celebrate.

"I love you."
"How much?"
"SO much."
"How much is 'so'?"
"WAY, WAY MORE than you know..."

written by: Marianne Richmond

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