Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another snow day and some random dancing for you

Man, it never fails. If the boys are here, it storms and school get cancelled. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with them for the day, but sucks to loose the money of course. I'll take a vacation day to make it up. Luckily a new year has begun.

Does anyone remember or know about Pop Shoppe Pop? It was a childhood favorite of mine. They had the most amazing yummy flavours. Mom used to get it for us on birthdays, or just once in a while for a treat. I was at the bank downtown a couple of weeks ago and popped into the store next door for a moment. I couldn't believe my eyes when I glanced at the cooler...OMG it's pop shoppe pop! Holy crow, do they have any black cherry? mmmmm

**i haven't even opened it yet--saving it for a rainy day!*

In other news, Seth was on the computer this morning watching youtube videos and happened to play one that his friend made. Man, I had to laugh! He's been over before and he's just hilarious. He's one of those kids who laughs at himself all the time. I hope you enjoy...I just had to turn my head and ask: "Did he just say *it's time for random dancing*??" lol

By the way, the lovely sexywhispers has tagged me in a meme. She loves to put a sexy spin on things so watch out mmmkay? I'll be working on that today or tomorrow.

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Dale said...

I was stunned when I ran into some Pop Shoppe pop at a place downtown here a couple of weeks ago myself. Remember those awful Eddy Shack commercials? I loved it too for the crazy flavours. Definitely it was special occasion time when a red case of the stuff showed up!