Monday, February 02, 2009

This and that...random stuff

My child still appears to be possessed by the devil. The first couple of days weren't too bad, in fact, I had just commented to their father on the phone what a good boy he'd been when all hell broke loose! I was telling Sid it was bedtime (a little early because he was flippin his lid)and I had to pick him up (while he clung to the stair rail and screamed like a banshee) to take him upstairs. He simply said "No! I'm not going to bed!!!". In the process, he proclaimed in an extremely loud voice how mean I was to him, and how I was not a nice mama...and he tried to bite me twice. Not cool. Ah well, the joys of parenting. I truly believe it will just take time for him to re-adjust to our new circumstance. I believe he is testing me since there is no longer someone here to back me up when problems arise. I think he is finding that it's not really working out all that well. He no longer has any toys in his room. They are all in the storage closet where they will remain until the demon is gone.

Seth traded the electric guitar his father bought him for a bass guitar. He is thrilled beyond measure! He ended up going to his dad's Saturday night just so he could see it. The very idea that it was there and he wouldn't see it until Monday was just too much to bare (or bear?) for him I guess. He was going on Sunday anyhow for a birthday party, so it was fine. It was pleasant to spend an day with just Sidney also. I think it helps a little.

Yesterday, Sid and I went to visit Midge and help prepare for miss Kaira's 5th birthday party. We all went swimming later in the afternoon, followed by pizza and cake. After that was over we drove out to pick up Seth. On the way back home Sidney said something funny...

"Hey mama, did you find a nice guy to marry yet?"

what? Do I seem that desperate? Naw, just kidding! I know they are just looking out for my happiness. Funny hey? I just said that no, I hadn't but that's ok. I'm very happy the way things are.

Later on after Sidney was tucked into bed, Seth suggested that I try E-Harmony to find my match. Bwaa Haa Haa! Again, just looking out for my happiness.

I told him that I really didn't want a boyfriend/relationship in my life right now and that I wanted it to be just us 3 for a while. He seems satisfied. I also reassured him that I do have friends and I do have things to pass my time. It's ok, really.

Seth tells me every day he's here how much he loves our new place. We are all feeling very comfortable and happy in our new surroundings, that being said, these are my little peeves:

every evening between appox. 6:30-8:00, we have no hot water. I think they must have too small of a hot water tank to accommodate all the units. It's a minor inconvenience since the boys are only here every second week. I just have to alternate bath nights and get them done early in the evening.

my assigned parking spot is across the street, not in my lot. strange, but true. the nice thing is that I can look out my front window and have a clear view of my car, but the downside is that we have to walk a little further in the slush, snow and ice to get to it.

coin laundry. i cannot express to you all how much i miss my washer and dryer. i have discovered that friday and saturday nights are excellent for getting it all done. there are 3 washers and 3 dryers. i did 5 loads on friday night. not too bad, but still a pain.

That all being said, it's still quite wonderful to be here and to have my life back on track. I am feeling so positive it's not even funny. I'm glad to be back.


the princess

ps: I noticed on my last post that the comment line keeps disappearing. strange.


Dee said...

Tag are it! Get sexy for me! ~~Dee

Mommato2 said...

Glad you are getting settled in your new digs. I know the demons you speak of well.....they visit here from time to time to. All part of the JOYS, huh?