Friday, April 10, 2009

The redemption of the tooth fairy

Yes, I am really lame at keeping up here. In truth, there has been a lot of good going on in my life but I've not been sharing here. Not fair. Sorry about that. I'd really like to ease back into princess mode. It's funny learning how to be single. I've never done it for any length of time in my life before this, so it's a big change. I like it. I love being my own boss...not that I was bowing down before, but certainly always eager to please. I'm learning to trust in my decisions and not second guess myself. I've always been responsible and capable of making good choices for myself and my family, but I have always consulted...always.

You know? Those 2 months without the boys changed me. I'd literally never in my life spent that many consecutive days alone. So strange. I thought a lot, I learned to be alone and be comfortable with it. I stressed less about my housework, learned to relax a little bit...I still believe the boys would have done fine with the transition along with me, but it is what it is and it's all done now. As I've said, Sidney has been difficult to deal with at times, but overall he's still his sunny self. Seth is growing so tall and beginning to take interest in older things. We enjoy time together watching "The Big Bang Theory"...our favorite. We discuss music and watch videos together sometimes. It's nice to become his friend, someone he trusts to share his thoughts as well. I'm a happy woman.

There is a little residual drama from the fall. I'm being sued by the landlord from the townhouse. I did break my lease, as you know, but it's for a large sum of cash and for many things I disagree strongly with. My hearing at the Tenancy Board is coming up in a couple of weeks. I've got a couple of people coming as witnesses and I've written a response letter which I faxed a few days ago. All I can do is wait now. I've gotten a little discouraged from time to time considering how big the effects of this...the breakup, the move, the pain...really are. How much it's effected everything. We'll see how it all goes. I've come out of a dark place in my life with a much stronger mindset. I won't be fooled again my friends. I'm doing this my way now. It's all about the princess.

Tracy and Baden are coming for the weekend. I'm so excited! Making a big turkey tomorrow and all the trimmings. I've got the boys right through until Monday morning...sweet!

A little over a year ago, I wrote this post when Seth lost a tooth. I'm not so good at remembering to do the tooth/money exchange. I will think of it when they go to bed, then forget by the time I go to bed. Sidney last his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and I forgot AGAIN! I snuck in after he'd gotten up in the morning and he just figured she came late. :) So, yesterday, they EACH lost a tooth! I fear Seth will eventually need braces. He has teeth growing up over the know how that sometimes happens. Anyhow, since both boys had lost teeth, it was essential that I remember to play tooth fairy. I'm pleased to say that I managed to do it with finesse. Both boys are happy this morning.

~very enthusiastic about losing his first tooth~

~his shirt says: "My Mom Is #1"~
I will take some pictures of the boys over the weekend so you can see how big they have gotten. I'd really like to get Tracy to take pics of the 3 of us also. I don't have enough of those.
Happy Easter Everyone!
the princess
RRRRR! why do the words get all scrunched like that? I've edited it 3 times, and still all stuck together.


Mommato2 said...

Hey there....nice to see you back. Good luck with that hearing! You will do great.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Miss M said...

Hey, there long time no see. How have you been? So sorry for the absence. Life kind of happened.

I am curious about one thing though, this Anonymous Person. My honest reaction to the two comments left above is “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”. Whoever this Anonymous Person is, he/she just made a huge ass of themselves. And I will tell you why.

This is not elementary school and no one gives a damn what dumb shit gossip anyone has to say. If you cheated on your ex then thumbs up for you. He must have deserved it, he should have been man enough to deserve your attention. Better yet, what happened between you and the X is between you and him. So if the comments above are meant to make people dislike you more, then I guess they just simply did not work. They would have been effective if we were still five years old but providing we are not…I say this is pathetic. My only advice to you is to clean house and dump out any friends that you have who are worthless and act like total idiots. You may have to ground them to get the point across. They are obviously that mature.

SexyWhispers said...

My Princess-

To address an open response to the cowards who are so sure of their "facts" that they could not even use their own names:

I have been reading this blog for as long as I can remember. "Princess" is a sensitive, strong person who I trust without doubt with my friendship. Now, there are some men, like the EX in question, who are not worth a womans efforts. And, Anonymous only looks stupid for defending such a person much less for the back-stabbing, bitchy way he/she/it is leaving comments. Grow up already and get over it!

****************** did not want to be invited to OUR party, you did not have to come. I am sure we were not missing you before you crawled out from under your rock.


Just like the haters all over the world...if this was my blog, I would delete their useless ass with the knowledge that when some people dont like can feel so much better about yourself. Because here on this blog (and on my blog!), we have her back and Anonymous NEEDS to step off.

Since Anonymous can not recognize one, he/she/it should run along like a good child and find some powerful women to add to your life because powerful women never use the word "Anonymous" to refer to ourselves!

One more closing word of advice:

Dont talk about Sunday best as if you have been to church. God dont like ugly--and you have just proven yourself to be repugnant (look the word up if you dont know it!).

Kiss Princess and keep your head up.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ha..ha.ha... *snort!* Really??? Oh, am I supposed to take people seriously when they are too afraid to actually leave their names/email/etc...

Sorry, my bad. Oh dear, this Anonymous person has said some things that I must seriously consider..... FOR ME TO POOP ON! ha..ha.ha.ha.... (gotta love some Triumph the Insult Dog).

Love ya Princess and you know it.

PS --Umm... can we say Kitty is going to log into your site and do a little IP tracking now.

Yeah, it's good to have a tech person on your side. :)


Mariposa said...

I think anyone who would lose you as a friend or something more permanent would be a BIG time loser. I would delete anonymous.


lilone said...

ok 1st of all I have known "princess" for many years now and she has never asked for a pity party and it is quite obvious that this is her loser ex and his new whore trying to say their piece, get a fucking grip on yourselves.. grow up!!! what are we in grade 2.. I personally know all parties involoved in this issue and if anyone needs a pity party it is her ex for loosing such an awesome chick, and picking up such a homely looking one.. anyway heres to no more drama and the princess getting what she deserves.. which is complete and total happiness!!F#$k The Haters!!!

Mom of 3 boys said...

Hey, hang in there and delete the coward that is listed as "anonymous". Things will work out, love your boys. and be careful with "friends" like anonymous..they are the deceitful ones..

love and hugs