Friday, March 09, 2007

Closet Bitch

I have been thinking about this post for some time now. I have always been the nice girl...the compliant one. I have grown and learned from my experiences that I have to assert myself at times. It is very important to my personal growth.

Adair gave me a book to read that she thought I would find interesting. It is called: "WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES From Doormat to Dreamgirl--A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship". I did, in fact, find in very interesting. Mostly because I was pleased to discover that I do hold my own in a lot of ways. I let my own conscience and instinct be my guide, however, there are times where I will put the needs and feelings of others before my own.

I have discovered (even before reading this book) that I have grown somewhat cynical in business, and more guarded with people than I used to be. I allow myself to form opinions and am beginning to accept that my feelings for others aren't always going to be nice. I can be a BITCH. There, I said it!

I get what I want. I say it like that because it is the truth. It may take time and sacrifice, but in the end, if there is something I really want, I get it. I feel stronger and more independant than ever. I am currently in a great relationship, but feel like it is all the better because I am certain that if something went horribly wrong I would bounce back and take care of business. I am learning more and more about myself as time goes by.

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Eve said...

You have always been very determined and hardworking... even as a little girl. You've definitely earned everything you have.

Love you