Tuesday, March 06, 2007

No Longer M.I.A.

To all concerned family members and friends: I AM FINE!

Frank wrote me an e-mail and said: "Just checking in, haven't heard from you or seen a blog entry in a while. You seem a little distant--everything ok?"

Kelly caught me on msn and said: "Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while--everything ok?"

Rebecca called and said: "I haven't talked to you all week!" "What's up?"

The funny thing is that I used to spend A LOT of time alone. I used to call my girls every day, or just about. I used to sit for a bit and chat online or do housework while on the phone, you know. My friend Brenda has been over for a couple of days visiting from out of town and I talked to her about it. She said: "Well Cori! You're just happy!"

I really had to give that some thought. I have certainly not been unavailable to my friends however, I have not been initiating contact as much. I have been doing some deep thinking, but not negative thinking. I realized--ready for this?--I actually do feel genuinely happy. I am always a happy sort of person, but I have found a new reason to rejoice. I seem to have found myself a real live partner. Someone who wants to be a part of my everyday life. Someone who actually adds luster and offers assistance. He likes to go where I go, and be where I am. We spend time apart, but more often than not we are together. My children love love love him too! Bare with me a little longer while I absorb all of this peace an harmony. I love you all, and I am always around if you want to talk. Don't be shy--call me!

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Kelly said...

Well good. I believe you now! ;)