Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh The Drama!

Sidney is a very dramatic little guy. He lets everyone know just exactly how he feels at any given time in the loudest, whiniest voice possible.

He was sitting in his "thinking chair" in the corner of the livingroom the other night. He sits there when he has misbehaved so that he can think about what got him in trouble, see? Anyhow, he's sitting there all squirmy and whatnot waiting for his unbearably long 5 minutes to be over, and he says:

"I think you guys (meaning Blake and I) don't love me anymore. I don't want to sit in the corner"
then, "I think you just like yelling at me"

I try not to speak to him at all during the time out because he will just continue to cry and carry on if you pay attention, so I let it go. Then he says:

"I'm thirsty!" waits a few seconds, then "I'm so thirsty Blake." no response from anyone..."See, I told you! You don't love me, you wouldn't get me a drink!"

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