Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crazy Weekend

What a busy weekend! My friend Midge turned 27 last week and asked me to go out partying with her and some other friends. Blake and I really couldn't both afford to drink (with the cabride costing about $35 each way), so he sacrificed his fun and drove my drunk ass around for the night. We did have a lot of fun but it would be nicer if we were either both drinking, or both sober (as is usually the way). My co-worker Diana graciously offered to babysit my children for the night so it turned out pretty well.

Let me just say for the record that MY BOYFRIEND IS AWESOME!!! Not only did he watch out for me during drunken debauchery, but he also hung out with the boys all day Saturday while I drug my sorry ass to work and painted in the showroom for an 8 hour shift. Needless to say, I didn't have a whole pile of energy left when I arrived home. Seth was having a pre-arranged sleep-over at my place so I went to pick up his friend before heading to the couch for the evening. I woke up with a MONSTER migraine on Sunday. Coulda been the drinking, coulda been the painting, I am not sure but wow! It was painful and lasted all day and into the next. I have never before been physically sick from a migraine until Sunday night. I got the boys put to bed just in time to share some alone time with the toilet bowl. Blake was wonderfully helpful with everything I could have needed. He ran errands for me on Sunday and took the boys to their childcare facilities on Monday morning for me.

A very special THANK YOU to my love for being such a great partner and friend. I am lucky indeed.

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