Friday, September 28, 2007

Most Shocking Behavior

I heard something on a news brief while driving to work this morning that I thought about through the day. Three girls (ages 14,15 and 18) tortured another girl (age 18) and beat her almost to death for giving information to the police. They took a short break at one point and she was finally able to run away...surely saving her life. does this happen to such young women? How does this happen to anyone? What drove them not only to seriously damage and brutally torture another human being, but also risk their own free lives in exchange? I can't understand it.

I have strong opinions about this young offenders act. It's such a mask/ curtain for these offenders who are getting younger and younger it seems. Where is the accountability for action? What are the consequences in the end? A slap on the wrist and an ability to maintain anonymity? I would love to have an e-mail chat with a certain retired cop I know, just to get a feel for how things have moved in this direction from that perspective.

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