Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I've Fallen And Can Barely Get Up

I am clumsy. If there is a table, chair or some other hard object handy, I will bang into it. If there is a curb or crack in the sidewalk to trip over, I'll do it. I accept this because I really have no other choice. I am "an accident waiting to happen".

2 weekends ago Blake and I were taking down the remainder of the hideous border that had to be scraped from the wall too high to reach on a chair. He took one look at the latter I was going to climb up and opted to scrape it himself and not risk watching me fall down. Wasn't that nice of him? Anyhow, he was scraping and I was wetting the sponge and passing it up and down, also washing walls behind him. We had finally reached the last wall and I went partway down the stairs to pick some of the wet paper off of them. That's when the day went to hell...I slipped and fell down the stairs. I took most of my weight on my left wrist (incidentally I am left-handed) and my left butt cheek. I sort of hobbled into the bedroom to lay down or something...didn't quite know what while Blake is yelling..."What happened?" I just said "I fell down the stairs, just gimme a minute."

I had planned on washing the rest of the wall, then the floors and onto bathrooms...nothing else got done that day. I was definitely done. I went for an x-ray on Thursday as my wrist was (and still is) very tender and sore. Luckily, no broken bones just some badly stretched tendons and bruising.

So...this past weekend we were in Canaan at my cousin's cottage and I banged my leg getting out of the speedboat--OUCH! I have the nastiest, ugliest bruise on my right knee. Lovely! Ah well, such is the life of Corinna. Blake said "Man, everyone is going to think I beat you!". Well, not anyone who knows me well. They all know I can do it to myself without any help.

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