Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Beautiful Rustic Wedding--Adair Style

This past Saturday, I attended Adair and Mark's wedding held at the beautiful Mountain Gap Inn and Resorts in Digby, Nova Scotia. In an old-fashioned wooden chapel high on a hill, we all watched as they exchanged the vows they had written for one another. Cool breeze filtered through the partially enclosed church, adding an element of past could close your eyes and imagine weddings from years past, quaint little religious ceremonies held in that very spot. Of course, these thoughts were more of my own imagining than reality perhaps. I don't even know how long that chapel has been standing, but it sort of had an 1800's feel to it, I think.

Of all my female friends, Adair has the most "earthy" quality. She loves the outdoors, and all things natural. She is also the very BEST planner of events. She made cupcakes instead of wedding cake (decorated differently with white/chocolate cake for personal preference). Each family was given a maple tree to plant at their homes, and beautiful name cards at each place setting with special quotes on the inside. Because the wedding and reception were held at the same place, there was a chance to just relax and have a drink or two while the new bride and groom (along with their entourage) had pictures taken. I would have liked to take more pictures, but it was so hard to get a good shot as everyone else had the same idea.

All I kept thinking about while watching my lovely friend all evening was how typically "Adair" everything was. You did a beautiful job, my friend. It is a day we will surely not forget. Congratulations on your marriage...many happy years to follow I am sure. Owen is a lucky boy indeed to have such a loving, caring stepmother in his life.

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Mommato2 said...

Hey there....please pass along all of my very best wishes to Adair....sounds like a lovely day!