Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Can't Even Help Myself...I Must Look!

I look over my blog entries quite frequently. As I give the link to various facebook friends, I look again to see if anyone has left a comment. I become more sure of myself in writing, yet when I see no comments, the irrational part of my brain says that not many people are reading it. That may well be the case, and even still I love to write my posts and tell my little tales. It has been an interesting experience over the past year, just allowing myself to say what I want and to let my family and friends into my everyday life even though they are far away.

Now we get to obsessive know where it says "view my complete profile"? Well, I look occasionally to see if the number on my profile page has changed to determine if anyone is looking at it. I swear, at least a third of the number is ME looking at my own profile! What is that? I suppose it's because I am really beginning to enjoy it more and I want people to see it, and let me know what they think also. I have sent the link to some of my closest friends, and they say..."Oh yeah, I meant to look at that", or "I did look at it once, and it reads like you talk". For a while, I didn't feel like writing because I didn't feel like it was important or interesting enough for people to read, but after reading some other blogs, I realized that it doesn't really matter at all. Everyone is different and unique. I am pleased with myself just for making the commitment to write on a regular basis. I am loosening up and keeping in mind that just because people don't make comments doesn't mean that they don't read it, and even if only a handful of people do, I am glad that to have them in my little world. So thank you!

Obsess much, ya think?


Mommato2 said...

Hey there....I love the whole blog world. It is such a great way to stay connected.

If you want to obsess even more, you can add a site meter and see who is looking!

Kelly said...

This obsession was the beginning of the downfall of my blog.
I read it. :)

Corinna said...

thank you ladies, I appreciate that very much. I might just check out the meter...not sure yet.

kelly, I understand how discouraging it can be. I miss reading your blog, but glad you still check mine out.

Terri baker said...

hey Corinna,

i found your blog very entertaining.