Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Twins

So, Tyler (Blake's son) comes over almost every weekend to stay with us. Before school started, he was able to come on some weeknights as well, but living in a different school district and city makes it logistically inconvenient. Homework must come first, you know.

Seth and Tyler are exactly 6 months apart in age, and enjoy many of the same pass times. They love calling themselves "brothers" and say that they are "twins". They say they have so much in common it is CREEPY! I am so happy that they get along so well. Sidney does get left out a little because the age gap is so great. He loves Tyler so much and gets very excited every time he arrives to visit. Although it is a big transition and can sometimes be stressful to have such a diverse little family, we are enjoying it very much. Blake is so thrilled to have an active roll in his son's life.

It is amazing to me to find myself in the roll of a "stepmother". Who knew that would happen? What an incredible series of events we have gone through over the past several months.

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