Monday, July 07, 2008

Profound for one so young

With the school year at an end, children empty their desks and cart home all the treasure and lessons. Among the various lesson books I found Seth's journal entries. Don't worry, I didn't look without permission. I'm sure a time will come that he will want more privacy but for now he loves for me to read what he writes. He's proud of his abilities in cursive especially. I have to ask him, but I will assume through reading various musings that the teacher presents a topic (ei: a place you have visited or a what would you give the soldiers in war zones...incidentally a Nintendo Wii then he would get his butt out of there!). I read this one and thought it was so interesting I wanted to share it with you. A teacher at his school passed away during the school year and it was a rather hot topic on the playground for a few days. Here's what he had to say:


Anonymous said...

The purest of thoughts...from the mind of babes... We once were all so innocent..

MisstressM said...

That is too funny.

Lady Jaye said...

That's a really sweet thought.

Kelly said...

Very profound.

This is one of Emily's journal entries from preschool (It's more to describe her drawings):

"Dadda,Momma,me,Winston.I love my family. They love to eat fruit."

the princess said...

anon~so true. i like to think we keep some of it as adults though.

misstressm~i thought so too.

lady jaye~isn't it though? he's always been a thinker that boy.

kelly~emily is so sweet. that's a lovely little thought for her to have. happy thoughts, you know?