Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wild Women Conquered

Since Becca lives next door, the boys hung out over there and played video games until we were ready to go to the club.

Conversation the day after the party...

the boyfriend: Man were you guys ever loud! Every so often we would hear someone go "ahhhhhhhhh" and lots of laughter (yelling in a girlie voice, of course).

me: *snort giggle* We were having so much fun. Becca was having sourpuss shots with each person individually instead of all together, then doing some Newfie step dancing in the all the know.

the boyfriend: women are sooo much dirtier that men.

me: yeah, of course we are!

The party was great and the company was even better. Cheers to good friends and kick-ass parties. I think I see more frequent girlie get togethers in the future.

So, if you haven't read the post beneath all of these pictures, you really should since I am a serious comment hound and I want you to read it!

the bride and her "bride girls"...that's bridesmaids for the mainlanders

me and my sweet friend

some lovely ladies...ahem...while still behaving as such

and the winner with 40 jube-jubes!

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Anonymous said...

It looked like a great time!!!