Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Wild Woman Cometh

I am throwing a bachelorette party for my girl Becca. She is getting married 3 weeks from today! She's been with her guy for over 2 years now but is nervous of losing her independence now that she's tying the knot. So tonight my friends, she will be the party girl we all remember. Now that we are mated we live in our own little bubbles(coming out occasionally for social functions)...gone are the late nights out dancing with the girls, dancing on Beck's table, and drinking ourselves silly. We hang out, but it's stuff like tanning on the deck or chatting while she hangs clothes and I watch because I love my dryer...since she lives next door to me see?

We are going to recreate some magical times here tonight folks! Every one's bringing something and I am going to make some spinach dip with sourdough and pumpernickel (we need food that will go down well with the booze). There are jello shooters gelling in the fridge, vodka and sourpuss on the counter...don't you wish you were partying with the princess and her crew tonight? I am a little's been a while, but I throw a damn good party.

There will be dick balloons hanging from the ceiling (whip cream will be applied later) and dick straws for everyone! I have a pin the dick game, a jube-jube game (how many can you get in your mouth without chewing or swallowing them ladies?) I even have a few fun little prizes...oh my god guys! I gotta get a move on here! I gotta clean like a crazy person. I got up at 8 this morning to get groceries early. I have to straighten my hair and go to my salon for 12:30. She's simply going to help me with a funky ponytail...for the low, low price of $5! I am gonna tan just before I think. Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Aside from Relay I can't recall the last time I hung out with a large group of ladies. I am trying to convince the boyfriend to provide some entertainment for us. I actually think I have him half convinced. He and his brother (when he asks him that is...) are going to drive our drunk asses to the club of our choosing later. There will be pictures...oh yes, there will.

Kisses! By the way it is beautiful and sunny. This is a very happy day.


Lady Jaye said...

Sounds like an absolute blast. I hope good times were had by all!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Wow, that sounds like total awesomeness! :)

Anonymous said...

Hail to the Princess of Parties!!!