Monday, November 24, 2008

My kids are the bomb! Little geniuses I tell ya!

I had my boys for the weekend and boy, did we have fun! As you know, their father had some issues with my temporary living accommodations and decided to keep them the majority of the time until I move into my new place at the beginning of January. Being the older son, Seth has a pretty good understanding of the situation but Sidney has a different view. We were walking back from the local Tim Horton's yesterday when he pipes up:

sid~"Mama, why do we have to wait such a long, long, long time to see you and we see Daddy more?"

me~"Well, Daddy just thought it might be better until I get all our stuff into the new place. It's not much longer now Bubba then everything will go back to normal."

sid~"Well, I want it back to normal now."

me~"Me too Sidney."

Then at bedtime he says:

sid~"Mama, are you picking us up tomorrow?"

me~"No, Daddy is picking you up."

sid~"Awwww...I want to come back here with you. Mama, I don't think you should have made that deal."

Out of the mouths of babes, wha?

We had a snow storm on Friday night. Since I had heard all the weather warnings, I collected the boys and we went to rent movies, I bought a shovel and a scraper, and whatever snacks we needed to spend the weekend at home. A friend of mine was even kind enough to let us borrow a playstation2 so we could play guitar hero!

Seth and I spent some quality time cuddling up watching tv once Sidney had gone to bed. He seems to be doing well and patiently waiting to get all his packed stuff back in his possession. He is a quiet thinker that boy, so he probably only says a portion of what's really on his mind. I am glad to see that he is doing well though. Grades are staying completely level...not to brag, but they are both near or at the top of their classes! It was such a great weekend and I am very grateful that we had such a nice time...snow storm and all. It's only another 5 weeks. What's that in a lifetime really?

My back is sore today from all the shoveling! Come on, rain! Wash this all away before the snow comes again.

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Anonymous said...

thank god we dont have snow!!

out of the mouths of babes for sure!