Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Princess Funny from back in the day

As you know I have been quite taken with the facebook since spring of 2007. I have re-connected with many old and dear friends and more than a few acquaintances as well. Anyhow, one such friend sent me a message shortly after we became "facebook friends" saying that he remembered passing notes with me in junior high. Why do I not remember this? Probably because I was passing notes with many friends...both boys and girls. Back to the story...

He sent me a message last evening when I logged in saying that he had been to his parent's place and dug out the notes. He said he had lots from many people. Must have been some interesting reading I think. Our conversation went like this:

old friend: "I found one from you on the day you tripped me."

me: "I tripped you? That wasn't very nice."

old friend: "Yeah, you apologised in the note."

me: "What did I say?"

old friend: "You said *sorry I tripped you at lunch today, but I couldn't resist*"

me: *cackling at my computer for a minute* then I typed "man, what a bitch I was, but that's really funny."

old friend: "totally."

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PinkPiddyPaws said...

wow... I pretty much blocked out my entire school years. I can't even imagine what folks would have to say to me. Not that I want any of them "looking me up" anyway. ;)