Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sugar and Spice...are we really that nice?

The general manager's little girl has pink eye. He had her at work this morning for a couple of hours as they wouldn't take her at daycare, and he had a couple of interviews scheduled for the morning. She hung out with me and Di. We set her up at her own little desk to draw...no different than little boys in that regard, only the picture scenes change. What a hunny that one is! My goodness she's a sweet little thing. Once she spent some time with me, she'd hide in my closet and call out "boo!" when I came close to her.

From the perspective of a woman, I think that most little girls (if they dream of having children someday) picture themselves with a baby girl. Dressing her up all pretty, doing her hair and having tea parties, you know?

Once I was all growed up and got myself knocked up, I was told at the 5 month mark that I was likely having a girl. I had chosen a name but had a boy's name chosen also *just in case they were wrong*.

I got so many frilly pink girlie things it's not even funny. My stepmother had been out to some yard sales and came over with a couple of boxes full of it! My ex-husband's mother was dying to have a grand daughter *actually would have been the second, but that's another story* so she could have her little baby girl ears pierced. I was undecided on the piercing but has it turned out, it was all for nothing because my sweet little angel boy Seth was born instead.

It took me less than 15 seconds to completely adjust my thinking to the fact that I would not be having tea parties and styling hair as of yet. You know? I'm so glad! Boys? They love their mamas. They do.

Girls? They need us when they're little, but become hateful with teenage girl drama and everything changes for a time. And then there's the whole moody/bitchy girl stuff. Uggg...it all comes back around though, and certainly I am generalizing here but you know what I mean, yes?

As the old saying goes...

"With boys at least you only have to worry about 1 prick, not a neighbourhood full of them." :)

Having boys rocks! Just sayin is all.


The Ambiguous Blob said...

My big sis had a baby girl almost 2 years ago. I was sooooo glad it was a girl! Too much fun! And now, she's making a little boy. And I'm sooo excited- because I get to buy him cutesy little hats and it's going to be a totally different experience.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

ok.. but boys are so...so... LOUD!!! and rowdy!! and their room smells like ass and feet. ha..ha..ha..