Thursday, November 09, 2006

Advice on Bedtime Routines

Everyone is always telling me that no matter how much Sidney (my 3 year old) calls for me, and moves around in his room at night, just ignore it, and he will eventually fall asleep.

Sometimes I don't think people believe just how busy this child is. He went to bed at 8:00pm with minimal problems, and I hear him moving around, but against my better judgement, I ignored it. At about 9:00pm, he comes up the stairs with a suspicious white creamy substance on his face. I immediately recognised the substance as gerber brand diaper rash ointment, which I saved, but no longer use as he is fully potty trained. I asked him why he was upstairs, and he said his dresser and bed were stinky, so he was fixing it. Ohhhhh godness! What a treat!

There was cream covering the headboard of his bed, top of his toybox, and the top drawer of his dresser. It really only took a few minutes to clean up, and I had to turn my head because I must admit, it was a little funny. He tried to help clean it with me, but I was faster than he, so he proceeded to pitch a fit because he didn't get to help. I calmly told him that he had done enough. Time for bed now...

The joys of parenting...enough to make you pull out your hair sometimes.

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