Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Whining Please

I have a funny problem with sick people. Illness makes me feel nervous and helpless. I am good at helping others, especially those close to me, but I have a low tolerance for whiny sick people.

My boyfriend, Blake just had shoulder surgery on Tuesday. I took the day off so that I could take him to the hospital in the morning and be there for him afterwards as well. He has had this surgery before, or a version of it, so he knew before hand just how painful it was going to be. I was prepared for this, but in my attempt to help, I seem to inadvertantly make things worse. For instance: I helped him with his hospital gown and later his arm swelled. The IV needle had moved from the vein and into the tissue causing this swelling. I don't know if I caused it, but I can't help feeling like I may have. See? Then I get nervous, afraid to get close for fear of hurting or causing discomfort. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with how well he is handling his pain, managing to be pleasant through it all. I had a scare yesterday morning when I called him at the hospital, and he was short-tempered with me. Remember that the relationship is very new, so I take it personally. I thought "oh no!" not a sooky sick man--please!!!!!

He was over his grumpiness by lunchtime. Just impatient to hear from the doctor, go home, and feel better. I was to take him to his parents place last night from the hospital, but he is at my house. The boys aren't back until Monday, so we have a little time where he can rest quietly through the days I am at work and I can help him. I love having him but don't want to feel overwhelmed when the boys bomb in. It works for right now. I did let him know how I feel about whining, and explained that he can be shipped out at any time...fair warning.

He is not a sooky man I am glad to say. He is strong, self-sufficient, and still manages to say the sweetest, most appreciative things through his pain. Thank you Blake. I think I'll keep you.

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