Saturday, November 25, 2006

Brotherly Love

My boys love one another so very much! There are times, of course, when they fight and torment one another to no end, but they are genuinely loving towards one another more often than not. Today was a fine example of Seth's love for Sidney.

We went to Toys 'R Us this morning as Seth had a $20 gift card and $15 cash from his birthday that was burning a whole. We went into The Disney Store on the way, where they had sales on various items of interest to Sidney. Then it was off to find wrestlers for Seth. He found one within the first 2 minutes in the store, then he started looking for something else. He found a monster truck that he could afford, and also a mini one that he offered to buy his brother. He stood in the checkout for a moment, then asked Sidney if he would rather have something from The Disney Store. He put back his monster truck along with the mini one, bought himself a Rey Mysterio and a pack of gum. I watched in awe as he paid for his purchase and then asked to take Sidney back to pick a toy. He spent the entire remainder of his birthday money on his brother. He wanted him to have something new as well. Sniff...Sniff...Sniff...makes me grateful I have children.

I have included a picture of the two of them together. My sweet boys!

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