Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm So Confused!

I switched to the new blogger system and now I cannot add photos, post comments, or get things in general to work on here. I admit I am not a computer savvy lady so that accounts for a lot of it but come on now! Isn't this supposed to be easier? I got so discouraged that I just haven't felt like posting--well, that and I have been sick with the flu.

I have had lots of little things on my mind. I have thought about writing my thoughts down but sometimes I am just as happy to keep it to myself. I tend to hibernate a little in the wintertime. I come home from work and cuddle up on the couch with a blanket (when i don't have the boys that is). Sometimes I play solitaire or something on the computer, but past that my interest wanes.

All is well with me and my boys. They are with their father at the moment. Blake and I were talking to them last evening, and Blake told each of them that he loved them. I was very touched even though I already know that he does. It felt so good to hear him say it to them both.

ps: Thank you Kelly, I will try and figure it out. Mostly a patience problem.

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Kelly said...

Weird that you can't post pictures or comments. Mess around on your 'dashboard' to see what you can alter.