Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tidbits About Me

I read my sister Eve's post a few days ago, then my cousin Kelly's (if I knew how to link I would) and they each posted a bit about themselves. I loved reading it and decided to do one about me. Here it goes!

1. I have four siblings. A brother who shares both parents, a half brother who shares our father, and two sisters who are the children of my guardian parents.

2. I am nicer and more forgiving than most people.

3. At Christmas time I donate a turkey dinner (uncooked) to a needy family. I get much enjoyment from this.

4. I do not like to be late for anything--EVER!

5. I love to cook and bake. I cooked for the family quite often starting at the age of 13. I can make anything with a recipe except pie crust. I buy those frozen.

6. I have a stong ability to put others at ease.

7. I have worked as a cashier, a roller skating price checker, a video store clerk, sold tickets for BC lotto corp, a nanny, a bank teller, and an administrative assistant.

8. I was never one to excel in school. I attended college as a mature student and finally realized that I am smarter than I thought. Honors in every course. Yay for me!!!

9. I once climbed Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC. Took about 5 hours or so the first time and we got caught in a blizzard near the top.

10. I have several female friends but they don't know one another aside from perhaps meeting once or twice. I met each of them at a different time in my life.

11. Paper clutter doesn't bother me in my home as long as my dishes are done, and my bathrooms are clean.

12. I absolutely HATE ironing. My ex is a military man and he used to do it for me.

13. I wore head gear before my braces for six months--TO SCHOOL AND EVERYTHING! By the way, my teeth are not straight.

14. I did a Madonna "Lucky Star" lip sync in grade 8. I had just moved to a new school and actually found it to be a good ice-breaker for me. I did a repeat performance in grade 12.

15. I attended a morning religion class every school day from grades 9 to 12. It started at 7:00am, so I got up earlier than everyone in the house so I could have the first shower.

16. I have been the victim of sexual assault on more than one occasion.

17. I once saw a man intentionally drop his 2 year old daughter from above his head. I was 10 at the time I believe. Still sends shock waves to think of it.

18. I was the last person in the "family" to speak to a man who overdosed on heroin several hours after we spoke. He was the brother of my boyfriend and had called my place looking to talk to his mother. I sometimes wonder what the outcome would have been if he had seen her or talked to her that day. Very sad.

19. Small things can make me feel tremendously happy, or horribly sad.

20. I cry when experiencing any extreme emotion. Anger, Sadness, get the idea


Dominican Diana said...

Hey Cori,
Just seeing if my password works. . What a great blog and just for future refrences i love any baked goods made of chocolate. lol.

Kelly said...

OMG! I'd like to kick the crap out that guy who dropped his daughter - purposely!

Ooooh, "Lucky Star"! That would be TOTALLY fun to lip-sync to!

Great list. Thanks for sharing! :)