Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Glasser Lecture

This is a small newspaper article that I wrote during college...

The Glasser Lecture: My Perspective

I had never heard of William Glasser or his Choice Theory before orientation week in September. As Karen Leeuwin told us about it, I felt that it was a highly stimulating theory and that it would be beneficial for me to attend his conference. I was so pleased and enthusiastic when I became aware that I was, indeed, able to attend.

William Glasser is a very intelligent and knowledgeable man. some of his ideas and theories piqued my interest and curiosity, but others made me a little frustrated, even angry. His concept of a "Quality World" was quite interesting. He stated that everyone needs certain elements, such as love and belonging, power, freedom and fun, in order to live a happy and satisfying life. with this, I can agree. If our space in being invaded in a negative manner, our natural tendency is to block it out, or as Dr. Glasser states, "take them out of our 'Quality World'." I have read many books in the self-help department, and I have seen this information presented in one form or another before. On the downside, I find Dr. Glasser to be a very opinionated individual. His beliefs and opinions are so strong that he simply feels that his "Choice Theory" is the only logical solution to many long-standing world problems. In theory, I agree that his ideas would really help, but I feel that without the assistance of teachers, school boards, employers and any individual we come in contact with, it isn't entirely viable.

As for the conference itself, please locate some more comfortable chairs. It is very difficult to concentrate on the subject at hand when our back-ends are falling asleep. All in all, it was not exactly what I had expected. I probably wouldn't recommend it to a friend. Dr William Glasser, as and individual, will definitely not be in my "Quality World".

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