Monday, July 30, 2007

So Long Mr. Snail

There is a 32 gallon fish tank sitting in the corner of my diningroom. I hadn't quite realized how much I would enjoy watching fish, but it really is nice. My favorite is the snail. I like to look for him because he is sometimes crafty and hides. We tried to find the hiding spot for a while and finally discovered he was just able to drag and all into the little castle. He also bobs from the bottom to the top of the tank, or you can catch him all stretched out going for a little walk on the rocks.

Sunday morning when we got up, all that was left of Mr. Snail was his hollow shell. To make matters worse, his pad was stuck to the filter. We are not sure if he got sick and died, then got eaten, or if he just got eaten. I was actually a little dismayed, I must admit! Personally, I think it was the big ugly Pleco. I think he just ate him up...the big meanie!

Rest in Peace, Mr. Snail

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