Friday, August 17, 2007

He's a Senior Now

My baby is turning 4 tomorrow. MY BABY IS TURNING 4 TOMORROW! How did the time go so very quickly? It seems to me that since having children, the months--even years seem to just fly.

Sidney has been elevated to the "senior room" in daycare. There, he will learn many skills that will aid him a year from now when he starts school. They have a great program called "School Readiness". Having had Seth in the same daycare, I am aware of how much work these ladies put into the program to prepare our children. Sidney is feeling so proud and so big just now. He is in a booster seat instead of his old car seat, he is making some new friends in the class. I remind him, though, that his "junior" friends will move up before long--so don't forget about them.

We are having a kiddie pool/slip 'n slide party in the backyard tomorrow. Sidney put in a special request that I invite Daddy, Monica and Jo-Jo (baby Jones) to the party. Consequently, I have been just a little on edge this week--as Big Brother 8 contestant Joe would say..."AWKWARD!!!". I realize it's a bit silly, but I have never actually had them in my home before. It's all good because it's my turf and it makes it infinitely easier when I have my own support system. No longer me and them, but us and them...more balance, see?

I am so excited for the children to arrive. I am picking up Midge and her daughter when I go to get the cake in the morning so she can help me decorate and stuff. I will post some pictures on Sunday.

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Mommato2 said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!
I always find their birthdays so bittersweet - it is fun to see them getting bigger, but it makes you nostalgic.

Good luck with the party!