Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Princess Diaries

I sometimes call myself "Princess Corinna". It started years ago during an evening of drinking with friends. My friend Tammie and I were walking around with little plastic tiarras on our heads and pretending that we got our own ways...when really, we didn't. Not a princess in the stereo-typical "Jewish Princess" sense, as I do not expect, nor do I receive all the material things I want. It is about attitude. I do not demand nor expect an abundance of "things" to make me happy, however, I do expect a lot of respect, love and affection. If I do not receive these things, I feel cranky and unappreciated.

This morning after the alarm clock went off, I stayed in bed and asked for a cuddle. He responded by saying that he was freezing and didn't move. I perceived it as him being too lazy to turn over and hug me, so I flicked him in the head and got out of bed to prepare for work. Yeah, I know...what a bitch! I don't like when things start to change and become overly comfortable. There should always be time in our lives to show love to one another. The longer you are together, the harder it becomes. You know that person will be there later, so you don't try as hard. Gentlemen, this is a wake up call. Do not ignore the signs when your lady wants some attention. We will be like tame little kittens if you do this for us.

The older I get, the more demanding I get. The more I expect to receive what I want and need. I am most excellent at compromise, unless my needs suffer. I will have no more of that, thank you very much.

I am sorry, babe, that I reacted that way...just so you know.

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