Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bean Sprout Cafe

I took Sidney to his cousin Emily's birthday party this past Sunday. It was held at this sweet little cafe. I read the e-mail and carefully followed the map directions, although I have been that way many times, so it wasn't difficult. Sidney asked where the party was and when I told him the name of the spot he was quiet for a moment, then says:

"Mama, that sounds like a girl's place to me."

"Yes Sidney, I can see how you would think that. It does sort of sound girlie, but Emily's a girl."

"But boys are still allowed to go there. It's ok."

"Oh yes! Boys can go there too Bubba. We'll have fun for sure."

I was really impressed with the cafe. What a wonderful little family place. They have a whole play area with a small fence for children to play, which gives a chance for the mamas and daddies to have coffee in relative peace. They had decent rates both for everyday things and parties and they really did a great job. I believe I will find a reason to go there again sometime.

Here are just a couple of pictures that Kelly posted on the facebook...

all smiles

a tilted head for added cuteness

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