Friday, November 16, 2007

Proud L'il Mama

I have to say a little something about Seth. Since Tyler has come into our lives, and into his, Seth has been so generous with him. He is somewhat materialistic and used to sort of having things his way, so I have been watching intently to see what would happen with another 9 year old around. Now granted, Seth lives here only every other week and Tyler only comes on weekends so they really don't spend a great deal of time together, however, Seth calls his bedroom "our room or mine and Tyler's room" without a second thought. My mom had a boyfriend and when his daughter came to visit I really tried to be nice, but I can remember feeling frustrated with her sometimes. I am so proud of Seth for being so open and sharing with someone. I am so pleased to see that he can so freely share his bunkbeds,space and other possessions. He can be so thoughtful--especially in regards to Tyler. I just wanted to publicly announce that he is a good boy. He tries my patience in areas, but he is good and he is going to be a good man someday.

ah ha! I just found this one while browsing...taken 2 yrs ago


Anonymous said...

You have the right to be a proud l'il Mom. Good men come from having GREAT moms. Need I say more. Keep praising ,loving & nagging. That's all we can do !

Aunt Louise said...

Sorry, that post was from me, Aunt Louise. I'm new at this.

Mommato2 said...

He sounds like a real sweetie...just like his Momma!