Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Friend In Need

Is a friend indeed...

My wonderful friend Rebecca lost her father yesterday. He died as a result of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). He was diagnosed last fall, but he had been feeling unwell for some time before that. Last Christmas morning, Rebecca and her boyfriend got engaged. She has set her date as March 22, 2008. Since she moved into the townhouse next door...oh did I forget to mention?...we have been walking together and talking a lot about the situation. I am going to be one of her "Bride Girls", as they're called on The Rock, so we have been talking about all sorts of details, but mostly about her father's illness. She was determined to have him carried to the hall in his bed if necessary to watch the union and see the cake cut. She just wanted her daddy to be there on her special day.

I am not sure if she will keep the date or not. They are all very close, and Rebecca is the only sibling of 3 living away from their home town. I am wondering if it might be a little too soon. We spoke yesterday evening as she was packing to go home and my goodness, my heart goes out the her. She is so sad. I am grateful that her fiance was able to leave quickly from work and take her home himself. Say a little prayer of comfort if you will please...for her mother also who is feeling quite overwhelmed with grief. I am thankful that Rebecca went home last weekend to see him. It is a comfort that she was able to hug, kiss and tell him she loved him.

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