Friday, December 07, 2007

Early December Bitch Fest

So... miss princess isn't feeling so merry right now. I get really tense because I'm such a planner, Christmas is so close and I am not ready . Incidentally, I had my last cigarette on October 31 (I will post more on this later). I know I posted last spring about having gone on the patch, but it didn't last. I am feeling very good about it this time. Very.

We are going to a party tomorrow night, and what I would really love is if I didn't have this huge f%#king pimple under my eye. I am so shallow...yes, shame on me. Good thing I know what I'm doing with my hair and have chosen and outfit that is gonna work. Objective for tomorrow afternoon: purchase the correct color of concealer and foundation to cover up this monster. I normally get make-up from Clinque. I always get it during the bonus times because it is very expensive and I love--no, deserve-- the free stuff. I missed this last bonus time by just 2 days. I have actually been letting my skin breathe. I need it tomorrow though--no make-up, no party. I just don't know what brand or tones to get that are a little less expensive. Any brand suggestions? I will write down my colors, of course.

Other December bitches...

The pressure of finding the desired Santa gifts-- if nothing else on that list--for the love god! I almost...almost paid a lot of extra money for a gift I didn't feel confident I would still be able to get next weekend when I complete my shopping. There was a guy selling one here in town for a greatly inflated price for pure profit (he was willing to take a post-dated cheque), but we were able to juggle money and grab one from Wal-mart on sale this week. I feel much better having that solved. I will save the unveiling for Christmas day. Be patient.

It gets very quiet at work. I have a difficult time concentrating all day when it gets so quiet... without the phones ringing madly and the deadlines. I have a great deal of filing work to do, but it's like folding laundry...which I can't stand. Oh yeah, that reminds me! The dryer broke--shut down, not fixable. I know the washer was right behind it the way it danced in the room, so we bit the bullet and got new ones. There is about 12 plus loads done here in a 2 week span for sure. Bad timing is all I can say.

Winter makes me sad. I miss my family (parents, siblings, know) especially when there are fun things going on with the boys. I know they all love us, and I know they are safe. I am blessed, but I wish they were here with us. I especially miss my brother Rodney. We haven't talked for some time and I feel disconnected.

Anyhow, I guess that's all for now. I didn't get a chance to sit at the computer to get into this until late. I had more, but the words aren't there right now. I will post party pictures soon.

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