Friday, December 28, 2007

Ghetto Fabulous

My Relay for Life team has decided to go with Ghetto Fabulous for our group theme this year. Last year we were "team camo", you know...battling cancer and all. Anyhow, camo is easy to find, and others started using it as well. This year will be different. We haven't gotten firm ideas about what to wear because realistically, we will be walking/running for 12 hours, so we have to be comfortable as well as fabulous. The shirts will definitely say: "Ghetto Fabulous" on the front, and "Holla!" on the back. It doesn't take place until June, but awfully fun to think about.

I have always been on a limited budget, but worked as hard as I could to be stylish, you know? It makes a difference outwardly as well as inwardly. Who doesn't feel better when they have confidence in how they look? Things that I miss:

bikini waxing every 5 weeks

buying salon hair products when I run out. not having to substitute for the time being

getting more than 1-2 hair cuts a year because it is too expensive to even consider

buying my coveted clinique makeup whenever I run out and just need more.

I do not complain, because there are more important things in life than having little creature comforts. I am so grateful to be where I am. I just look to the future in hopes of more career opportunities to provide more for myself and my boys.

I may have originally had more to say in the post, but it escapes me at the moment. I am having fun and feeling like the pretty lady I am (omg am I ever conceited!) . My sister once said that I am like a butterfly...who became more beautiful with age.


Auntie Louise said...

Are you FABULOUS ? Yes! Others, namely me, think of doing things like this but don't. Love to hear more and have some pics of the event. Hate missing out on so much of your busy life. Proud Auntie. Love Ya xoxo

Midgey said...

Team Getto Fabulous will be awesome this year, i am so happy u decided to join our team and stay with us. as well, "the stuff you miss" i couldnt agree more, the last time i got a haircut was in September, and havent bought any "expensive" shampoo since the day my child was born lol..funny how kids can change your life so much...wouldnt change it for the world though;)

LADY said...

I feel your pain.

This might sound weird, but my sister buys her makeup on ebay - she always finds brand new, never even used fancy makeup. Saves her a bundle. Maybe you can find some of the products you're missing.

Hope that helps! Or at least made you laugh at even considering buying makeup on ebay!

the princess said...

louise, you always make me feel so good about being me. thank you so much for that.

midgey...ah girl, I can't wait to do the relay all over again with you. wanna do the morning yoga again?

lady, thank you truly for the practical advice. I may just look on e-bay for my make-up one of these days. you can find just about anything you could want on there!