Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Curbing My Enthusiasm

I happened across a November "Blog Of Note" that I absolutely LOVE. I have been learning so much about being glamorous from this wonderful blog. G.G., you are so creative and have such fabulous fashion sense. Through hers, I found another lady who keeps me captivated with her highly entertaining posts.

I get so enthusiastic about things that I enjoy. When I love something (similar to the facebook addiction) I get so excited and can't help thinking/talking about whatever the new thing is that I have found. (Incidentally, I see this same trait in my 4 year old~~yeah, I said it, he's got my personality~~ we'll see where that goes). I keep telling my guy about blog stuff and he's like...ah ha, yeah, or know. I get this way whenever I discover a new blog. I don't always put them on my peeps list, but I keep some on my home computer favorites list. In a way, it's a bit like meeting a new person and just learning what they're about. I am having a lot more fun with my own blog due to this new found enthusiasm to re-discover the joys of blogging. One night over the holidays, I sat here making all kinds of changes while I was drunk. CRAZY funny... really. I wanted the little "rockin' blogger girl" picture, but couldn't even think about where else to look for it, so I stole it from Lady. If I am not mistaken, I actually sent a little apology, but I am not certain she got it, or if I managed to send it...I was intoxicated you know! Thank you all for your sweet and very helpful comments.


Anonymous said...

I love blogging. I just started last year and have read of lot of great blogs!

the princess said...

it's alot of fun.

suze, you are so freakin hilarious it's not even funny! thanks for showing me your blog.

Mommato2 said...

Hey...I know, I totally love when I find a new blog...go back and get all caught up...there are some great ones out there.

Take care,

LADY said...

No you sent it! I thought I commented back....but come to think of it it might have been on one of your old posts that I commented....

But you're welcome! And glad to keep you entertained! :-)