Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zoning out

My sister uses the term "time sucking vortex" to describe facebook. I have to agree with her on that one. I just spent over an hour labeling posts. Talk about time sucking! I am of 2 minds about whether time was actually "wasted". What I love though, is that it becomes more organized and easy to read. I consider time spent on my blog worthwhile, but imagine my surprise when I realized quite a while into my labeling process that all I had to do was click the box and scroll down my label list instead of actually opening up each post to type them in. Little slow on the get-go sometimes, that's all.

You know? The boys aren't even here, but I think I might break out the guitar hero.


Mom of 3 boys said...

Facebook has turned into a bunch of craziness...I now have so much "junk" on my facebook account that I can't keep up with the stuff....I spent over an hour the other night on facebook, just looking at all the stuff everyone sends me...and the crazy is endless. Oh and thanks for stopping my my blog. Stop by anytime.

LADY said...

Oh I have to stay off Facebook. Myspace is bad enough but Facebook is the devil.