Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Heaving a Huge Sigh of Relief

Seth's lump is benign. This means that there is no cancer. Isn't that awesome? I never really suspected it was something that serious to begin with, only wondered if it would need to be removed because of the spot it's located in. Turns out they are going to leave it alone and see my boy again in another 6 months to be sure it hasn't changed or anything.

Ahhhhh...that feels better.

On a very sad note though, Midge called this morning to ask if I would mind if we changed our relay team name. I said, sure, what's up? Turns out a very good friend of hers (who has already been diagnosed with breast cancer) has got a very aggressive lung cancer as well. This is a lovely, vivacious 26 year old woman we are talking about here! We are doing the relay for her this year. They all call her "Bean", or "Beaner", so we are now "Team Beaner". We are going to get shirts made with her picture on them and she is going to relay with us. My heart goes out to her. I simply cannot imagine the feelings she must be experiencing right now. I am always shocked when I hear news like this. Always.


Ginormous Boobs said...

So glad to hear about Seth. I went through the same thing when I had a lymphnode removed last fall and the waiting was killer.

Anonymous said...

So glad about Seth - I know you are truly relieved. Wow, that's so sad about your young friend. I'm sending good wishes and thoughts out to her.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

whew!so happy about seth!

so sad about Bean, life really isn't fair is it?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that Seth is ok. But I am very sorry to hear abuot your friend. It's so sad. A friend of mine lost her sister to breast cancer just a couple of years ago. She was only 23.

Tracy Michelle said...

I have tears of Joy for Seth and tears of sadness for your friend 'Bean'. Scary stuff!

Go Team Beaner!

Dale said...

Great news about the boy and very shocking as you say news about your friend.

the princess said...

GB~thank you about seth. sorry to hear you had to have a lymphnode removed. it must have been a long, difficult wait for you.

suze~yes, i am so very releived. funny how the brain works because i wasn't alarmed at all until everything started happening so quickly. i am blessed that it wasn't anything major. i am adding my good thoughts to yours about Bean too.

practically perfect~yay! such a releif! but NO! life is not fair. my own mother was only 38 when she died of cancer, so I have always thought of 40 and below as extremely young where illness is concerned.

ladyjaye~23, dear god! life has only just begun at 23. sad indeed.

tray~i know, i know. Go team Beaner!

dale~funny that you should call him "the boy". his father called him that for the first 6 years of his life (well, not to his face, but refering to him). whenever I mention to someone about Bean all the hair on my arms go up immediately. i can't wait to relay with her! midge was saying that it kicked everyone into high gear. all the team members have now picked up their kits to start fundraising. makes it much more personal for sure.

Mom of 3 boys said...

I am so happy that everything is okay..YEAH!!!

Mommato2 said...

Hooray for Seth! So sorry for your friend though.

Hugs to you!