Saturday, May 24, 2008

Silly Car Conversations with Children, and My Sojourn to the DMV

I had to go switch the plate registration for the new car on Thursday night. I had been waiting until the last possible moment because the DMV office has recently gotten a new computer system. Actually, I went a week ago last Friday but I walked in to find small pockets of standing room only. I looked for another 20 seconds or so, then went to get a case of beer and come home. Thurday was it. No more chances. It was nearly as crowded almost a week later. A lady glanced my way to catch my desperate, trapped look as I came in. she smiled at me and said "If you need a "B", here's one". Ahhh..."B" is plate renewal and transfer! I said "I do need a B, that's great! Thanks a lot". "Merry Christmas" she replied. They were at B250. Mine was B283...time to run my spring jackets to the drycleaner and still keep my ticket. Excellent! It took almost 2 hours and there were children running and people milling the whole time. The DMV is open Thursday and Friday nights, and only until 7:00. They lock the doors but continue to serve the customers in the building. Well, it's done now. Whew!

Friday afternoons are busy. The boyfriends gets off work 1/2 hour earlier than me, drives accross town to pick up both my boys, then me, then opposite to home to get Tyler. We do this every 2 weeks, so we usually just order pizza on the way home so we can eat supper at a decent time. Once they picked me up yesterday, there was a buzz of silly conversations with some really great stuff mixed in.

Seth: "I weigh 103 pounds!"

Sidney: "I weigh...Sethy, how much do I weigh?"

"43 pounds, Sid. Guess what? If there were 2 Sidneys I would still weigh more than you." says Seth.

"2 Sidneys? Sweet! What if the other Sidney stood on my shoulders? Then we would be bigger than you."

Interjection from mama: "Bubba, you would certainly be taller, but Seth would still weigh more."

"Oh, but what if there were 99 Sidneys?"

The boyfriend, me and Seth in sync: "oh no, one's perfect" *or some form of this sentence* Also, each time Sidney was not part of the conversations, he was singing "Ty, Ty, Tyler...going to get Tyler!" Over and over again.

Seth pipes up as we were approaching Ty's place and says:

"Mom, this might sound funny but I am kinda glad you and dad aren't together anymore because if you were there would be no Jones (their baby brother) and Monica (stepmom) and no Tyler. Well, there would be a Tyler but we wouldn't know him. Oh, and we wouldn't know (the boyfriend) B either."

How impressive is that? Does it seem odd for me to be so proud of this? I just think it's an incredibly positive attitude for him. Sidney doesn't remember us ever being together, but it was hard for Seth for a while. I am so proud he has turned the situation into such a happy one. I really believe this will help him later in life.

I had more to say, but I started this on Saturday and couldn't post until Sunday. I worked Saturday, which only happens a few times a year. I worked until 2:45, got a ride right to the gym to get Sid out of the pool for gymnastics class. After class, we all met to go home and eat. Seth then has to be back to the gym at 5:30 for boxing. Saturdays are busy too it seems, even without throwing a few hours of work in the mix. It's quieting down now and the boys will all be going by tomorrow. I enjoy my "every second Monday" as you know. More to post later.

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Mommato2 said...

Sounds like things are going along just great....isn't it nice how children can always see the bright side of things?