Saturday, May 17, 2008

peanut butter really does look good on walls

This weekend we are painting Sidney's room. He is going to be so excited that his room is the same color as peanut butter. It looks awesome and I will post a picture once everything is put back together.

As I was taping off the trim this morning I was listening to my Live CD from the mid 90's. Lightning Crashes is pretty recognisable. I love this band. I saw them in concert a couple of years ago.

taken while standing on his bed. it's not a very large room, but don't feel bad for him. he has an entire playroom to scatter toys in.

from the doorway...see? peanut butter. Sid said tonight that it's a lucky thing it isn't real peanut butter cause it would take too long to dry!


Anonymous said...

Yum peanut butter. I'd probably gain 10 lbs. just sleeping if I painted our bedroom that color!

Anonymous said...

Throwing Copper is one of the best albums I purchased in the 90's. All around great CD :)

sid said...

I saw LIVE in concert too. I love Ed. I can't believe you're a fan too. My favourite song is "Runaway".

Mariposa said...

Love the peanut butter! LOL

Very nice...very cozy...

Dale said...

Lightning Crashes is such a great song. So you went with Smoothie for the walls instead of Crunchie? Probably the smart choice.

Ginormous Boobs said...

It might take a little while longer to dry, but it sure would taste yummy!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Where's the jelly? I want Jelly!!!!! :)

the princess said...

suze~i know, so yummy!

ladyjaye~it is one of my favs from the 90's also. I love Waitress the best.

sid~believe it, girl! i love them too.

mariposa~thanks, we really like it too. by the way, i am going to forward you some info on the cancer society so you can see how the relay works, k?

dale~crunchy would have been great, but too hard to clean.

GB~i have to agree there.

pinkpiddypaws~perhaps I should have painted one wall in purple or red for the jelly effect. it made me think that it would be fun to look for a picture of pb and j to put on the wall. think i can find one somewhere?