Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Princess needs a new pair of sneakers for this

It's almost Relay time again! June 13th is the big night. I will be hanging with 9 other women on my relay team and we will start walking at 7:00pm and continue on through the night until 7:00am the next morning. Last year was my first time. My girl Midge has a younger brother who is a cancer survivor so her family participates every year. She had a spot on her team so she asked me to join them. The track is lined with luminaries, each candlelit bag with a name and often a personal message. Everybody's got a question. What an amazing and very emotional time. In the picture below, 6 of these women have lost a parent to cancer. Each has lost and/or has a survivor in their family. I only knew 3 of the team members last year. It was moving to listen to the stories of these women. During the relay your team must have at least one member walking at all times. We took little breaks, but walked a whole lot. Midge and I actually did morning yoga as well. So much fun. I am really looking forward to it.

So my family and friends, I am asking for some help. I have a very small group of peeps here where I live and I find fundraising extremely difficult. I know that some of my friends out here are not even Canadian, however, research benefits all of us. Wanna sponsor me? Huh, huh? least flip over to my page and have a look at why I relay.

My relay team...pausing by the speakers to bust-a-move and the photo op of course!

Team Ghetto Fabulous~~Princess C


Mommato2 said...

Oh, good luck on the run. Kristen is doing it too....for her little nephew (3years old) and a survivor!

How did the MRI go?

Anonymous said...

I've done it once before and I'd love to get involved again. Have a wonderful time!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ghetto Fab.. ha.haha... Good luck!!!

Mariposa said...

Hi there! So how this work exactly? This is an amazing project...and In want to adopt it here in my place...I have been helping children with cancer, and I think this is a good idea.

Good luck on your relay...and I'm so glad to read this's always nice to know people do things for a good cause!

Have a nice weekend!