Thursday, January 18, 2007

Indoor Voice

Hello. My name is Corinna, and I am a loud talker. I don't mean to be, really I don't--it just comes out! We recently hired a new employee named Diana as our installation/service coordinator. She and I have had a business relationship for a few years as her old employer used to purchase windows from our shop. She was talking with our service tech one day, and I thought for a moment they were having a disagreement. I spoke with her about it the next day and quickly realized that she is a loud talker too!

She made a comment that compelled me to blog about it. She told me that her sisters always used to tell her to "use your indoor voice!". I cannot count how many times my sisters have said the same thing to me. Made me smile. To everyone who thinks I talk too loud, SORRY! I'LL TRY TO BE MORE QUIET!!!

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