Monday, February 18, 2008

Every Second Monday

Sometimes Monday is my favorite day of the week. Every second one, anyhow. It's all because of shared custody.

For the last 3 1/2 years, we (me and my ex) have had the children 1 week on, 1 week off . Yeah, that's right...completely 50/50 for those of you just joining in. Those of you who have children can surely understand the trauma in this. I used to take care of them always, and had to adjust to having every other week free. What? Free time? For me? Holy Shit, really? Ok, so after a few months I developed a better outlook and was able to see the positive side.

It's Monday and the boys are gone to their father's house for the week. I will talk to them every night, but won't see them again until next week. I miss them terribly after a couple of days...but oh the joys of Every Second Monday!

Since I have been home from work my evening has gone like this...

1. 5:15-6:30-- sat in a chair by the computer (waiting my turn, actually) next to the boyfriend who was doing facebook things followed by some online poker.

2. Expressed my extreme disinterest in cooking since there are no little birds here... but there's some spaghetti sauce in the fridge and we can cook some noodles. (incidentally, it is now 7:30 and I just started the pasta)

3. 6:36-7:19--decided to rock out for a while. I have a guitar hero career. My band name is Princess (yes, of course) and I am this cool Asian chick with purple pigtails and knee-high socks with a mini. Not only that, but whenever I totally rock, she does this funky thing with her arms...looks like a cheerleader move...and kicks one leg up. I get right into it and jump around right here in my livingroom as well.

Did I mention that I have had 2 beer as well? On a Monday you say? Ah well!

You know what? I had some high hopes for today. I had all intentions of going to the gym after work, but the beer in the fridge from Saturday night was calling to me. There's always tomorrow...

I have more to say, but now my supper is ready and it's a whole different topic. Perhaps I will be back later tonight. There's plenty going on.


Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

hum? can i get an ex husband but still keep the one i have? i realllllly want an every second monday!!


Anonymous said...

I played guitar hero today too. Although I'm the leather chick with the tattoos. My rock band girl is much classier :)

sid said...

Man I would so love to play some sort of instrument ... I'll get there.

the princess said...

practically...wouldn't that be awesome?

suze...tattoos and leather? awesome! i want to check out the band hero sometime to see what I am missing.

sid...i wish i could play an instrument also. this, sadly, is only a video game which really doesn't teach you much about playing a real guitar. it is the one and only video game that I play. you feel like a real ROCKER.

the princess said...

can i say awesome any more frequently?