Sunday, June 17, 2007

Company with Benifits

My cousin Vanessa and her husband Pierre came to visit on Friday night. She and I are the same age and grew up knowing one another. Pierre grew up in the house 2 doors down from my grandparents, so same with him. Pierre just happens to be a fisherman.

I spoke with Vanessa a few days before to discuss what we would have for supper. She said, does Blake like seafood? Hell yeah! She brought fresh fish, scallops and lobster to make a seafood chowder. I really didn't aquire a taste for shellfish until I was an adult, but it was around from time to time as my mother grew up in a small fishing villiage.

What a wonderful meal we had. What a wonderful visit as well. They left their children with Vanessa's parents, and my boys were with their father, so we just talked and ate and enjoyed. There was more to come on Saturday morning with lobster, eggs and scallops! What could be better? First time having something like that for breakfast.

Thank you, Vanessa for the delicious meals. It was great to have you over. We will do it again sometime!

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