Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Stroller

So, anyone that has been through a marriage/relationship break-up has an understanding of how petty things can get sometimes. When Sidney was born, my parents bought me a new stroller for him. I had said no when they first asked if I wanted one, since I already had the first one they gave when Seth was a baby, but then I saw one that I really loved and they bought it. It has 3 huge wheels, allowing for large strides and brisk pace. When I moved all of my things I just couldn't fit everything in right away, so I left some things (including the stroller) with John temporarily. Anyhow, I asked to have the stroller back on several occasions and he would say, "oh yeah, I forgot" or whatever. He had no intentions of giving it back. I don't say this to be mean, it's just what happened at the time. We fought back and forth, and I finally got it back about 1 year later.

I got my "tubes tied" when I had Sidney, so I am not having more babies myself. It is with mixed feelings--some frustration as well as some happiness--that I am giving the stroller back to John to use for Jones. I could sell it to someone else out of spite, but that is not who I am. After the baby was born I said to Blake that I was giving the stroller back, and he said "so he gets it in the end anyhow!" to which I replied with a nasty grumble that I will not repeat as it included bad language. I can't say there isn't a little bitter part of me that just doesn't want to give it up, but as usual, my kind thoughts override and I will give it to them. I can also say in truth that I can do it with a happy heart. Babies are expensive!

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